If you are like most people, you have some kind of memories involving trampolines in your childhood. These memories may be fun-filled memories with your friends or siblings playing “crack the egg” or not so fun memories of you catching a bad bounce and cracking something else.

So naturally you feel the want to create the same kind of memories for your children. You desire to buy a trampoline, but you realize there are other trampolines of smaller size called rebounders. They relatively cheaper and can fit inside the comfort of your own house.

The question then becomes, should I purchase a rebounder or a trampoline? What is the difference and what can I come to expect with the purchase of either?

Well, in all honesty, there a lot of difference, the first and most obvious being the size. Trampolines are a lot bigger and are made to sustain the weight of a larger group of people than opposed to the rebounder which is typically used for just one person.

Next you may notice that there is a difference in purpose. Trampolines are typically used for more recreational purposes, for jumping up and down and having a good time, while rebounders are typically used more for fitness and exercise.

Another difference is that trampolines are more dangerous, which may be pretty obvious if you consider how they are made. It has been reported as well that injuries sustained using a trampoline are more likely to cause hospitalization as opposed to injuries sustained while using a rebounder.

Definitely both can cause injury if used incorrectly, but it appears that trampolines are a bit more dangerous. So make sure to practice proper handling and usage procedures.

In the end, a correct course of action may be to evaluate for what purpose you are buying the trampoline or rebounder. However, it is pretty apparent, that should you buy for your children, a trampoline may be the best course of action, although if you are buying to get into shape, go for the rebounder.

Author's Bio: 

Cade Lennox is a health and fitness expert. He has written hundreds of articles about diet and exercise, as well as rebounder reviews.