We might well be familiar with how crane trucks look like especially we often see them in construction sites and other heavy-duty field projects. But what makes a crane truck a crane truck? We might as easily say a crane truck has a massive boom and this very feature makes it quite important in construction projects. And this is just one of the many parts or components that make up a Utah crane or Wyoming truck crane. There are still several other components that define a crane truck and it can be helpful to get to know about them, especially if you are considering getting one for your next project.

All crane trucks have hydraulic systems. The hydraulic system has high pressure tubing, rams, some sort of special fluid, and of course, a pump. The hydraulic system is quite a significant part of any heavy-duty equipment because it provides the muscle that enables the mechanical parts to move. If we are looking at a Utah Crane or Wyoming truck crane, the hydraulic system makes deploying outriggers, moving the boom into position, rotating the gear, rotating the winch, and several other functions possible.

Utah cranes and Wyoming truck cranes also have rotating gears. Also known as Rotex gear to many, these gears make it possible to rotate the cab and lift the arm on a vertical axis. Of course, as have been mentioned, the most noticeable part of any Utah crane or Wyoming truck crane is its boom. The boom can either be telescopic or articulated. There are also more modern booms that combine the two designs to allow for optimal control and mobility.

There are several other components that make a crane truck quite a distinctive piece of heavy duty construction machinery. Among these components are reinforced steel cables, hooks, counterweights, outriggers, and truck base frames. If we combine all these with the hydraulic system and the boom, we would be looking at a very effective and efficient machine for safely hoisting different kinds of loads to the required and desired height or position.

If you are out to select a Utah crane or Wyoming truck crane, make it a point to take a look at these different parts carefully. Make it a point to check that they are in good working condition and they have been designed for effectiveness, efficiency and safety. In this way, we can truly say that we have made the right choice for a crane truck.

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