In a way man’s body is a mobile electric power house. On its basis infinite parts/organs attached to the factory called the body function and amazing computer like parts attached to the brain are controlled by it. The functioning of gigantic machines/technology is dependent on powerful engines and motors. Maybe the human body is not so gigantic yet it’s designing and functioning is complex and sensitive in an extraordinary manner. In order to control it continuously it is but natural that power of high stature is made use of. Its apt measure accompanies us right from our birth and via its usage it is possible to render active in a well self managed manner life’s required functions.

For creation of vital electrical force the human body possesses all means and mediums. Dynamo, armature, magnet etc are present in it. In every organ those juices and bio chemicals are present which generate electrical force. Blood circulation moves this motor and on its basis this electricity is generated ceaselessly.

Within the inner designing of a cell is an important part called mitochondria. In other words it can be termed the electric powerhouse of cells. Food, blood, flesh, bones etc ultimately come to the mitochondria to get converted to energy. This energy keeps active all cells and its collective activity is seen as controller of all beings. This energy can be called micro Prana or micro vital force. The collective form from all bodies can be called macro or great Prana and its cosmic consciousness can be called Cosmic Prana. Within the unit of a cell the micro energy of micro Prana is present exactly in that form wherein Cosmic Prana is active. Despite the difference akin to a drop and the ocean in reality both are interdependent. If the units micro Prana within the cell are not united Great Prana can never come into existence. In the same way if Cosmic Prana did not exist the basis of food digestion would be absent and circulation of electrical flow in the cells would not be possible.

With the help of electricity heater, cooler, fans etc function. Its utility thus can be understood but in this process obstructions too have been noted. Material electricity cannot become electricity of beings and yet electricity of beings can conjoin to material electricity. Such strange happenings have been seen many a time wherein human bodies have been seen to work like dynamos or small generators.

Many examples have been seen wherein one perceives extraordinary electrical flow in the human body. By itself a certain amount of electrical power is seen in everyone but it has its own limits. For desired goals it is used in such a way that it should not be wasted in unwanted tasks. Suppose you touch someone and you don’t get an electrical shock it does not mean that electrical flow is absent totally. Human electricity found in everyone which is called Prana in spiritual parlance sometimes crosses the limits of the body and when touched does give an electrical shock.

J. Smith a lady of Ireland had so much bodily electricity that when one touched her an electric shock was the result. Under the leadership of Dr S. Craft a lot of research was undergone and obviously there was no ‘sleight of hand’ seen. From every standpoint it was proved that it was none other than bodily electricity but the question arose as to why so much excess of it existed in the body? Its cause was not understood by them.

Near Berlin (Germany0 in a small village Missouri Cedelia when a girl turned 14 years of age suddenly electrical energy started circulating in her body. The girl’s name was Janie Morgan. Her body was now like a powerful battery.

One day using a hand pump she started collecting water but strangely electrical sparks were seen as soon as she touched the pump. The girl was scared and told her family all that had happened. Initially everyone felt some electrical current must have passed through the pump but when the girl was examined it became clear that electrical current flowed in her body. Whatever she touched gave an electrical shock. In a certain way she became ‘untouchable’. Researchers and scientists in order to know the cause and therapy made great efforts but success eluded them. After many years of this condition persisting, the electrical flow on its own started diminishing and by the time she became a young lady the problem disappeared. Only then could she start leading a normal life.

According to the report of Society of Physical Research within America itself more then 20 ‘electrical humans’ exist. If more research is conducted surely in other countries too such human beings can be found. Colorado’s W P Jones and his associate Norman Log has conducted deep research in this field and have concluded that that there is nothing amazing about it. It is an ordinary extra activity of the body. When the electrical covering of the nucleus of cells become loose, ‘leakages’ occur. At such times the outer layers of the body manifest electrical current. In reality immense amount of electricity is already present in every cell of the body. These researchers opine that although based on place and utility differences between electricity of creatures and material electricity is demarcated yet principally both are the same.

Researcher Jones himself was an electrical man. He had gained fame because when he walked barefoot on soil he helped unearth many mines of various ores. Due to his touch objects made of various metals started dancing akin to toys displayed by magicians. When he touched children the latter yelled out due to experience of electric shock.

In the Medalia region of Montana State of USA, lived a mobile ‘battery’ in the form of a girl called Janie Moran. Whoever touched her experienced an electrical shock. At night in darkness her body was full of light. In sheer dark areas she easily traveled due to light emanating from her body. Those who walked along side her felt her to be a living lantern. If up to a 100 watt bulb touched her body it got lit. This girl lived up to the age of 30 years and till then lived alone like an ‘untouchable’ in her small lonely home.

In the village of Wandon of Ontario, Canada lived a girl up to the age of 17 years. Material made of metal stuck to her body. Hence her food plate was made of wood or glass.

Tokyo’s (Japan) National Medical Research Institute has researched a lot in such fields and made some important conclusions. Scientists of this institute opine that on an average a human body has that amount of electricity which can light up 25 to 60 watt bulb. When the fingers of our hand touch the knob of a transistor, the sound emanating, augments in intensity. When the fingers no longer touch it the sound diminishes a fair bit. This proves our point. Amongst incidences of human electricity majority show that electricity manifests more on the fingers of the hand and leg. Despite this observation the cause of this unlimited force has not been unearthed.

Just like India even Japan has spiritual inclinations and is a center of Yoga practices. Like an average Indian their liking for spirituality is natural. Via an incident Japanese scientists tried to conclude that although the cause of electrical force present in the human body is unknown yet in who so ever this extraordinary condition is found a psycho analysis says that such people were either born with spiritual tendencies or that as time lapsed by ESP (Extra Sensory Potential) manifested in them. With reference to this a girl of Geneva Janet Dernie’s example is very important for us. In 1948 when Janet was 16 years old she got some disease. Her weight started diminishing. Up till now there was a lot of electrical force but now it started depleting. Yet even now when her fingers touched some metal object sparks emanated. Now she naturally went into deep meditation. She experienced extraordinary things in meditation. She fore saw many events which later proved to be true. Whatever she spoke about particular individuals it came true. She described things thousands of miles away as though they were right there in front of her eyes. On researching into this it became clear that those events or objects far away were absolutely true. For a long time, scientists researched into these potentials of Janet and found them to be true. Despite this they were unable to unveil the cause of the sudden emanation of sparks or electricity.

It may be that chemical analysis does not prove this but that thing which exists will manifest in any form at any point in time. When London’s famous muscle disease specialist Dr John Ashcroft was told that in his own city an 11 year old girl Janie Morgan manifested extraordinary electricity in her body and that none could touch her, he could not believe it. He had never even imagined that a body made of bone and flesh could manifest a principle like fire and a powerful force like electricity. In order to test Janie Morgan he went to her home. With confidence he held out his hand to shake that with Janie’s. Janie wanted to avoid it but Dr John Ashcroft shook her hands with his. After that what happened was very amazing for the doctor. In a shock he fell far on the rug. After a great length of time when he regained consciousness he was seen to get himself examined by another doctor. Dr John Ashcroft accepted totally that Janie’s body manifested electricity up to 1000 watts. Ordinary electricity gives ordinary shock but if a man weighing 150 pounds is flung so far away the electricity has to be extraordinarily potent.

In reality it was true. Those who came in contact with Janie got the above experience. One day Janie was standing near her door. A many selling locks passed by. He asked Janie to buy a lock. Janie refused but yet giving her a promise to sell the lock cheap he placed it in her hand. Thus his hands touched Janie’s hand and the condition that resulted made passers by stand there in a crowded manner. The lock seller on getting the electrical shock got flung backwards. After a great length of time when he regained consciousness he quickly collected his materials and ran away. After many such incidences had taken place Dr John Ashcroft decided to research Janie’s condition. And yet because of such high electrical voltage in the body he could not decipher or conclude anything in a major way.

A worse situation had to be faced by a man who had fallen in love with Janie. Janie who was fed up with this extraordinary state of hers was looking out for emotional security. She was happy to find this young man but because of fear their relationship was limited to show of emotions only. Both were scared to touch each other. One day in an Opera the young man invited Janie for a cup of coffee. After drinking coffee when Janie tried to get up she slipped and fell on the rug. The young man tried to save her but when he had just touched her he himself was flung afar to a table. Not only he bore this pain but many hot coffee cups on the table burnt him up. Only after some treatment was given to him that he managed to reach home. For many people who attended the Opera this incident was mind boggling and thus Janie’s fame reached wider circles. But this young man never again looked in the direction of Janie. Even scientists tried examining her but they too faced the same sorry state. No one understood the cause of the potency of this human electricity. Till 1950 Janie lived like a live electrical storehouse. But later, by itself this electrical force dwindled to virtual naught.

A similar incident of medical history was seen in Bonden of Antria region. One day a 17 year old girl of this area called Carolyn Clare suddenly fell sick. Because she was bedridden for one and a half years her weight reduced from 130 pounds to 60 pounds. Although she came out of this illness she got afflicted by a new one. In her body due to magnetic force quite a high voltage of electricity manifested. Those who touched her experienced a shock. If she touched metal objects they stuck to her hands. Antria Medical Association analyzed her minutely but the report could not give any specific cause for it. Some discussions were made simply based on possibilities and probabilities. After a few years by itself this extraordinary state of hers slowly disappeared.

A 3rd incident is with reference to the 16 year old Louis Haverger. He possessed extraordinary magnetic force. Any metal object touched by him would stick to him and would loosen their hold only when someone tried to separate them with great force. Under the guidance of Maryland College of Pharmacy a lot of research was undergone with Louis. And yet no major conclusion was drawn from it.

One more incident is that of Japlin city of Missouri. A person called Frank Mac Christie lived there. In the morning hours his body manifested intense electricity but as the day wore on this force started diminishing. In cold season it intensified so much that he experienced great difficulty in walking, resting etc.

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