A medical report about a child was published in France’s Medical Times and Gazette wherein electricity manifested in is body that gave a shock. This boy born in Lyons city lived for 10 months and was dealt with great care. Else he would fall down on the ground due to a shock. His daily chores were conducted with wooden and those materials which were not affected by electricity. Those articles that came in contact with him were made of wood, glass etc and his clothes were made of rubber. When he died for 10 seconds light blue radiance manifested from his body.

The Health Division of Sondarva village of France’s Jolia region reported about a child whose body manifested electrical waves. When he started dying, doctors noticed intense light rays manifesting from his body which later dwindled to naught.

A 22 year old youth of Australia was brought to New York for medical treatment. His body was like an electric battery. On touching him a magnetic force manifested. When the electric force lessened he experienced agitation. He ate those food items with zest which had more phosphorous. Very rarely he ate food which ordinary people ate.

Moscow resident Miss Mikhelova became an interesting research topic for Russian scientists. With her looks (eyes) she could stop watches functioning or else induced the hands of the watch to move out of turn. A film made of all her activities were sent to many laboratories to unearth how she managed all this. Scientists opine that it was due to the presence of electro magnetic force in the brain region. They say that this force is present in all human beings. Based on certain circumstances in some people this force by itself manifests and with effort it can be augmented too. A Russian scientist called Laksov has designed an instrument which measures the electric waves that manifest from each ones body.

The above examples go to show that the human body is a storehouse of Prana or vital electricity. Due to ordinary sleeping/eating habits, ordinary breathing and weak power of desire we can neither awaken this force or can we make any important use of it. But it is this electricity which via various Yoga practices is awakened and mastered so that Yogis make potent their present world and the next. They definitely succeed in doing so which for laymen appears miraculous and mind boggling.

In this manner like that electricity which by itself manifests in the body incidences of Prana energy manifesting as fire in the body too have been noted. In reality all material forces can be converted into each other. Hence both types of incidences come under one flag.

Pranagnaya evaitasmin puray jagrati (In this body it is Prana or vital force that burns in the form of various types of fires.)


In many cases this electric fire has awakened in such an intense form that the person who manifested it faced problems. Such an incident took place in Chelmsford England on 20th September 1938. In a grand hotel an orchestra was playing lilting music. There was dancing too and at that time from a woman emanated intense blue flame. Out of fear people stood on the side. The flames now turned red and in a moment the woman’s beautiful body turned to ashes. On 31st March 1908 in Withal England a similar incident took place. A person called John Hart was reading a book and opposite to him seated on a chair was his sister. Suddenly fire flames erupted from her body. John immediately covered her body with a blanket and ran to call a doctor. In 10 minutes the doctor arrived but by then his sister, blanket and the chair were burnt to ashes.

In America up till now 200 such deaths have taken place. A man of Florida was walking on the pavement and suddenly his body emitted fire. Some other people nearby threw a pail of water on him. For sometime the fire was doused. By the time a doctor and secret service agents reached there the water had dried up. Immediately more fire erupted and was there for many to witness. That person was now burnt to ashes. In an article of Florida’s Medical General, scientists were amazed to note that man’s body consisted of 60 percent water. To burn it heat of the degree of 5000 Fare height is required. How does it suddenly get manifested? In bodily cells fire flames are found in the protoplasm but they are so well controlled that the body does not get burnt. It is only when protoplasm is converted into higher plasma that fire erupts. How does all this happen suddenly? Till today scientists have given no answer for it.

Electricity that gives shock manifests only sometimes in certain people’s bodies, but in an ordinary state it is found in all human beings. It is known to help in various bodily functions. If only the science of its apt usage and proliferation is understood properly man by becoming brilliant psychologically and with a strong soul force can lead an advanced life.

In the eyes and head maximum amount of electricity can be felt by mankind. It can be felt as sweetness of speech, its harshness or truthfulness. Not only are the thoughts of radiant men bright but that their eyes too manifest luster and their tongues manifesting electricity, which can go deep down. The spiritual practice of will power is in fact a practice of generating divine aura.

Human electricity has 2 streams- one that moves upwards and the other that moves downwards. The upward flow rests in the brain region. When influenced our personality becomes radiant and potent. This electricity manifests as intellectual prowess and will power in the form of valor, enterprise and greatness in terms of ideals. All goals of Yoga practices and those of the path of wisdom are executed via this upward center. The basis of heaven, liberation, Ridhi/Sidhis or Divine Powers are conjoined to the electricity of this region. The aura and radiance found in the vicinity of mankind’s face should be understood as a symbol of this upward moving electricity.

The downward electricity is centered in the genital area. It gives sexual pleasure and allows one to beget children. Over here ensue various types of pleasure, humor etc. All benefits pertaining to Brahmacharya or sexual continence are but miracles of electricity centered in the genital region. Further by awakening Kundalini Energy of Mooladhar Chakra (subtle plexus) a person executing spiritual practices converts himself/herself to a body of divine brilliance and aura.

Like the North Pole and South Pole the upward and downward flow of electricity have different qualities and are far apart from each other. Despite this they are conjoined to each other via the Merudand or subtle spinal cord. When the genitals are excited the brain gets influenced and via great thinking sexual passion/lust can be calmed down considerably. If only the 2 way energy flow is controlled and mastered miraculous type of personality development is noted.

The description of human principles can be made on many bases. On the basis of spirituality and philosophy man is said to be a representative of divine authority and an infinite storehouse of divine potentials. According to materialism man is said to be a laughing-talking body of chemical elements and 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air and space). According to electrical sciences man is a living storehouse of electricity. Blood circulation, inhalation/exhalation, muscle activity etc are self propelling like a pendulum and they fulfill the requirement of life force. The brain by itself is a mysterious electric storehouse wherein nerves make the entire body dance to its tune like puppets.

Electricity of the human body is a visible truth. It can be measured/felt via technological apparatus. It is rare in its own way. In comparison to material electricity it is very high in stature. In comparison to electricity used to light a bulb the stature and value of electricity that shines in our eyes is of a very high stature. Ordinarily when naked wires are touched we get an electrical shock but not on touching human bodies. And yet via touching the body farsighted physical and mental influences manifest. It is hence that in India we touch the hallowed feet of great people/saints. This physical electricity is sometimes seen as material electricity. Thus it becomes crystal clear that man is a walking/talking storehouse of electricity.

This energy is so potent that with its aid man can induce the world’s amazing machinery and technology to work by his/her desire power (Iccha Shakti). Meaning desire power can control vital force electricity. Under general circumstances electricity obtained from food and breathing is used but as and when a Yoga practitioner gets to know/experience first hand that divine authority he/she with the help of desire power augment that energy. Thus any desire can be fulfilled and one can increase ones life span too.

The presence of electricity in the human body is neither less nor of any less importance. If we comb our hair magnetic force manifests. After combing your hair place the comb near a pin of iron. The pin gets magnetically attracted to the comb. Not only in dead hair but the living brain too manifests electricity in great measure. Like other electric power houses here too the ‘make’ ‘break’ process is seen. In this repair utilization of magnetic therapy is highly possible.

In order to make our body and mind lively, zestful and radiant not only must we protect our electrical energy but that it must be augmented by leaps and bound consistently. All this is possible via spiritual techniques like Pranayam (Yogic breathing exercises), piercing the 6 Chakras (subtle plexus), Kundalini Yoga and Shaktipaat (awakening of divine energy via a great realized Guru).

It is this human electricity that helps influence and attracts one another. In youth this electricity attracts a male’s body to a female’s and vice versa. If only it is used wholesomely multifaceted talent, brilliance, radiance and intelligence can manifest. Thus many important tasks can be executed. Brahmacharis who are sexually continent and advance spiritually are known to focus their Ojas (divine aura) on the head region and thus transforms it to Brahmavarchas. It can be said about scholars, philosophers, scientists, political leaders, orators, soldiers, Yogis, men of penance etc that they augmented, controlled and made apt use of their Ojas and vital force principle. In certain cases this energy manifests on its own and with its help, such rare people perform gigantic and otherwise impossible feats.

Whenever Germany’s Hitler fell sick he took help of a Neem doctor called Christen instead of a well known specialist. His fingers were magical. Instead of administering medicines Christen used ‘touch therapy’ to amazingly cure various diseases. In 1868 he was born in Istonia and after the 1st world war he became a citizen of Finland. Later he studied body massage techniques to cure various diseases. He became such an adept that he was called a ‘magical’ therapist. Not only Hitler but his best friend Himler too was cured of deadly diseases time and again in a wondrous manner. Christen by using his influence helped free thousands of Jews who were facing death as a result of Hitler’s tyranny.

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