You must apply for a UK Spouse Visa ( you intend to join your partner in the UK who is a UK Citizen or holds a settled status. It is also known as Unmarried partner visa or the Partner visa. The immigration law in the UK has been recently updated for the spousal visas. This mandates the consideration of specific circumstances by the UK Home Office. It is in the scenario when the UK spouse is unable to satisfy the threshold for minimum income currently.

Requirements for the Spouse Visa for the UK:
Applicants for the spousal visa must be a non-EU spouse, unmarried, civil partner or same-sex partner of a UK citizen or an individual with settled status. They must also satisfy the criteria for an appropriate visa as per the immigration rules. This will offer them a 30-month stay in the UK.

An extension of another 30 months can be obtained if the person continues to satisfy all the requirements. Post 5 years, you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK or settlement, as quoted by the IAS Services Co UK.

Exemption from Monetary Requirement:
Certain circumstances offer exemption from the monetary requirement for the Spouse Visa or Partner visa. This includes any disability or if the individual is a caregiver.

English Language Requirement:
The acceptance of the application for the spousal visa mandates that the applicant must be able to able to comprehend and speak English. They will have to clear a test for the English language if they are from the non-EEA nation or non-English speaking nations. The test must be conducted by an accredited test provider.

TB Test Certificate:
Applicants will require a certificate for Tuberculosis Test for completing the Spouse visa application to the UK. This is applicable to a majority of the visa categories of the UK.

Partner Visa or Spouse Visa application can really be intricate. It is highly recommended that the applicants utilize services of a leading and reputed Visa Agency.

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