How does your day begin? Do you just hop out of bed, read emails, check your bank account, and listen to the news? This is not the best way to begin the day! It’s jarring and starts the adrenalin and cortisol production in your body and stress on your mind!

You spend the majority of your day “doing. ” Let’s change it up a bit and make this first twenty minutes of your day “being.” I guarantee it will change the course of your life forever!

Okay, Here’s step one…the absolute beginning. This is the key to setting the tone for your day and making a platform for creativity and productivity to begin. Marianne Williamson calls it time for "divine download."

You see, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that my commitment to a daily 20-minute inward practice opened the door to wonderful things coming into my life. I was at the darkest hour, it was several years after my son died, but I was plagued with the feeling of indifference. Timothy Ferris says in his best selling book, The 4 hour Work Week, that the opposite of happiness is boredom, and the opposite of love is indifference.

In the chaotic chapter of my life, I would wake up and feel no excitement, no desire, no joy. I would hear a fearful little voice in my head saying, Oh no! What are you going to do now! How will you survive? You experienced the worst that could happen and now you have to be sad for the rest of your life!

When I was faced with a career change I heard…You’re getting older, no one will hire you! You can’t start a whole new life?

And even…You’re fat in those pants! How can you stand yourself?

Does that little voice resonate with you? We all have one, living inside our heads. It’s the voice of fear, and we will never find peace in our lives if we listen to it and give it power.

So how do you separate your negative thoughts from who you are and who you want to become. There is only one way my dear friends, and that is to surrender to stillness and prayer. I know, a lot of you are saying…And how do you do that? Or “I’ve tried meditation and I can’t stop the thoughts.”

Here’s the truth…That voice inside your head can be so loud, that it blocks your peaceful thoughts, so you have to lead the way for your brain. And I am going to teach you how to do it. Believe me, it was hard for me, too, until I figured out the secret.

Start with reading in the morning, at least 15 minutes each day. Reading changes the brain chemistry and opens it up to meaningful thought processes. My first step was to pick up the Bible. Now many of you are thinking, The Bible? It’s so hard. It’s confusing. It doesn’t apply to today.

Well, I learned that it doesn’t matter if you understand it or not. The practice of reading it, lets God be in charge of your thoughts throughout the day. And then along the way (and this was months down the road for me) I began to understand what I was really reading. So I would read a chapter of the Bible every day.

Then I would read a book called “The Book of Awakening” by Mark Nepo. It’s a daily paragraph or two to help people meet their days and inhabit their lives. You are laying the foundation for asking “What am I going to get out of this day?

Now you promised me 20 minutes so the last 5 minutes is spent quieting your mind and finding prayer.

I have other books that have inspired me and you can email me for a list. I will also go in depth in other stages of this course.

Now…once you’ve mastered the beginning of your day. Add it to the end of your day and you will fall asleep in bliss and get the best rest of your life.

In this age of the I pad…one of my absolute favorite things ever…I have downloaded playlists for the beginning and end of my day.

This is just one of the ways to implement your inner self-resilience. You will begin to see how it all fits together.

Start this new practice tomorrow and in 21 days it will be a habit and you will never want to start your day in any other way!

Author's Bio: 

Sandy Peckinpah is an author of 5 published books, a staff writer for Vintage Scene Magazine, and also co-hosts, a radio show about designing a life of passion, called Passion By Design.. She writes, speaks, and coaches on an array of inspiring subjects including transformation, grief, and resilience, and career changes. Read other articles on her blog and visit her website at