Most people get into a marriage with the hope and wish of a forever and lasting relationship. However, divorce does not resonate with this philosophy. It no longer rhymes with this wishful thinking. The anger you feel in during your divorce process is in part due to grieving of a loss of relationship, dream, and the hurt. People express grief in various ways-crying, sharing the details of the events, expressing the myriad of emotions and memories in writing and talking about it.

In order to get past the anger stage, make a conscious decision to let your partner go and put this irreparable marriage behind you. For now, make a decision to release your ex. I understand this may not seem possible right now. However, difficult it may be please set this as your intention. Making a decision truly helps you walk towards your future, instead of away from it. Making a decision you are committing to you welfare, to your well-being, and to the life living well free of anger.

This leads us into the Second tip. Second tip is to help you regain some of the hurt caused by an end of marriage, end of your dream, and end of potential future together. Divorce hurts to your core and you may be feeling like you are sitting on a three-legged chair. Be compassionate to yourself and just know that you are undergoing a period of life change. You can care for yourself during this time by soothing and comforting yourself. Be nice to yourself. You can comfort yourself doing activities that you enjoy and love.

This leads us into the Third step of feeling good. Feeling good is the quickest way to help you restore yourself. Help yourself heal by scheduling daily time for relaxing activities you find calming and soothing. For example, you may enjoy a hot bath, listen to music, read a favorite book, savor a warm cup of tea, sing to yourself, wrap yourself in favorite comfy clothes, watch comedy shows, or funny movies, go out in nature, be by the water - lake or beach, and do things that puts you in "feel good" state.

For example, talking to my girlfriends, having a glass of wine, or getting a wonderful massage automatically puts me in good mood.

Fourth tip was most helpful for me but, required the most amount of discipline. It is to journal your emotions. Writing down in your journal is the best way to give your emotions the voice. I expressed my emotions through writing. Expressing your emotions and feelings without judging them is a great way to dig into what is underneath, at the surface of things. You can express yourself on paper without taking any actions on your feelings or without doing anything about your emotions. I found this to be one of the best ways to anchor myself again after having experience the myriad of tumultuous emotions.

The fifth step is about letting go to release the marriage. Releasing and letting go will produce peace and a necessary element in your healing journey. I recommend performing a release or letting go ceremony. Ceremony is symbolic way for you to mark an end to this chapter in your life. It helps you put your anger, hurt, sadness, and loss behind you.

In conclusion, I promise you - if you put these techniques to use... you have the greatest chance in the world to speed up your healing and recovery from Divorce and the anger you feel. You cannot afford to just let time do the healing. Time alone is not the solution. You have to be pro-active at wanting peace and getting your life back on track. You don't have another 100 years or another life-time to live. We live in fast paced world and that requires fast actions and immediate results.

Do you ever wish you had a magic wand and it would erase this event out of your life? And the best news is such a thing does exist!

A magic wand for your heart and mind!

Listen, I know exactly what you are going through. I know how it feels. I too have walked in your shoes and come out on the other side. So, however angry you may be feeling right now, you will come through it on the other side.

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