If you are running a company, it’s your responsibility to keep commercial windows clean and tidy to minimise potential health hazards among employees. Windows are always a focal point for people visiting your office, be it clients, customers, investors. Therefore, sparkling clean windows not only impress outside visitors but gives your office a visual boost. On the other hand, windows that have layers of dust or grime can turn down your investors and leave a negetive impact on your clients. 

This guide will take you thorough a few DO’s and DONT’s of window cleaning services that you need to be aware of well in advance.

Things to DO for Flawless Office Window Cleaning

  • If you have hired professionals for leaning your building premises or anything surrounding your office such as landscapes, it’s wise to keep the task of window cleaning in Wollongong for the last. Given this fact, you might wonder the reason behind it. Well, the amount of dirt, grime and dust build up on windows will be sufficient to put you in a state of shock if there is any construction work going around your property. So its important to know whether any construction or remodelling work is happening around so that you can take necessary precautions in advance.
  • If you have revamped your commercial building with glass windows, its imperative to hire professional and experienced office window cleaning specialists who are aware of latest techniques to deal with sensitive window glasses. They are well aware of the intricacies of glass windows and use mild chemical agents and cleaning supplies that will not ruin the shine of your priceless windows.
  • Pay Close Attention to Hard Water and Stains- During rainy season or winter, excessive moisture, dirt and hard water accumulate minerals on glass window surfaces leaving behind white circular patches and marks which becomes difficult to remove later on. If you come across any such issue, it’s better not to try your hands on, rather hire window cleaner in Wollongong. Without right tools and techniques, it might be challenging to remove hard stains and you might end up with scratches or breakage. 

DONT’s of Commercial Window Cleaning

  • It’s often a common mistake to clean the interiors of windows and overlooking the outer part. If you have hired professional cleaners for flawless window cleaning, you need to check whether both interior and exterior window glasses are cleaned properly or else your entire investment will go in vain. Cleaning the inner glasses and leaving outside window glasses full of dirt and dust won’t justify your money.
  • If you wait for heavy downpour to wipe off the dust, grime and moulds, you are probably making the biggest mistake. Instead of cleaning dust and dirt, rain make your windows even dirtier by depositing particles, salt stains and hard water. It actually covers your windows with a layer of grime, thereby making the cleaning task even more difficult.

Bottom Line

Hope, you know what all you need to do and avoid for cleaning your office windows. If you want further tips and tricks on professional window cleaning, the experts are always there at your help.


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The author is working in a company providing professional window cleaning in Wollongong and have earned acclaimation as reliable window cleaner in Wollongong.