Pre wedding shoots have become the new wedding tradition and it’s important to have a little bit knowledge about it before jumping into this well. So, let’s do some homework.

Do’s for the Pre Wedding Shoot:-

1. Skillful Photographer or Videographer : Being the person with the camera the photographer or the videographer holds a significant role in the pre wedding shoot. It’s necessary for the couple to find a good camera person because pre wedding shoot is something that doesn’t only captures the moments of cuteness between the couples but also which showcases their connection. Hence, the choice of a good camera and the camera person should be given as much importance as given to the location and themes.

2. Suitable place : The location of the shoot is also an important part that can affect the pre wedding memories of the couple directly. The location creates a sense of relativity and can be utilised differently by different couples that makes their beautiful time at the shoot more interesting.

3. Trendy ideas : Just like the changing trends in technology and fashion, the trend of pre wedding shoot is also changing and upgrading itself constantly. It will be a good thing to stay updated on the recent trends so that reducing the chances of repeating the out of date styles.

4. What to wear : Attire is one of the most important things to be taken care of in a shoot. It is something that helps in creating an atmosphere complementing the theme and the location of the shoot.

5. Choice of colour : Colour of the attire should be bright so to give an additional detailing in the shots. Also the colour of the clothes will only help if it is going with the skin tone and the colour of the backgrounds. The thing to keep in notice is that the colour of the background and the dresses do not clashes with each other.

6. Getting ready for shoot : Make-up should be light and not so dramatic because that can shift the focus of the shoot towards the face. More the natural features more the relativity. Make-up has to be covering just the needs for a shoot and giving a glow on the faces.

7. Free of shyness : The shoot will lost its magic if the couple will remain uncomfortable while the shoot. This is to be taken care of by the couple and the camera person, hence a good tuning has to be maintained between them. This will help the couple in posing and having fun freely during the shoot and keeping the essence of their natural behaviours.

8.Choosing a theme : The pre wedding theme should be chosen carefully as it will put an impact in the shots; the story theme, the bollywood theme, or other themes as per the desire of the couple. The themes create a mood that helps the shoot to be directed in a common direction.

9. Weather check : Weather can be proved as a hindrance if not checked beforehand. The pre-wedding video or photographs need time to be completed and hence the weather should be consistent and not variant.

10. Flats for feet : Pre wedding locations need a lot of walking from the brides and hence the suggested thing is to carry flat footwears for walking and wear heels for the shoot. So to avoid the uncomfortable feet ache.

11. Having fun : The pre wedding shoot is also one of a kind shoot for the couple and it will be better if the couple have fun shooting for it. Their fun will naturally brings up the glow that will be reflected in their pictures and make it more memorable and worth spending money and time in the shoot.

12. Picking the poses : The poses brings up stories in the story of the couple, followed from many famous movies , the couple tries to try some and it is common. But also the couple should try some personalised poses so to make their own pre wedding poses.

13. Be on time : Time is the major things to be taken into consideration while the shoot, the couple should be on time so to get the maximum optimization and options of shots.

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Don’ts for the Pre Wedding Shoot:-

1. Don’t rush like a rail : Rushing through the shoot can be the worst thing to do as it will spoil the mood, make the couple uncomfortable and also they can’t enjoy the phase and will be pressurized to fake expressions and their feelings.

2. Don’t have many outfits : More the couple changes the dresses more the time will be consumed. For a shoot having 5–6 backdrops, the couple might choose 3–4 dresses but to keep it in mind that the time should not be wasted in changing and all.

3. Don’t phone-a-fy your shoot : Carrying phones in pocket can be a distracting element for both the man and the woman and hence advised not to carry it around. The focus should be in spending quality time with each other and also giving the pre wedding shoot its desired importance. It’s not just for the being of trend but also for the couples too.

4. Don’t be without a story : Some pictures are not always about good looks but also for the stories they tell. The couples are suggested not to focus on just the beauty part of their pictures but also the detailing that captures the stories behind them.

5. Never overlook your partner’s wishes : The pre wedding shoots involves both the partners and it is important to put each other’s desires and wishes equally. So forcing something on one another is something to avoid the conflicts and saving the understanding.

6. Avoid different look: Trying a different look just to showcase a whole new thing can sometimes be proved disastrous. The partners should try on something they are confirmed about. That will help the shoot ending smoothly.

7. Don’t use many props: Using a lot of props can create confusion and mix-match of the shoot which can take a different turn sometimes and become an uncoordinated shoot that will no longer be attractive and amazing.

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