Netherlands is a country of everlasting romance which everyone in the world should discover. The country features some of the most amazing and picture-square tulip fields, postcard-perfect windmills and a couple of winding canals that you can visit to see and interact with. You can as well find time for the red-light district that is well popular with the locals and the travelers alike.

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With that in mind, there’s a lot you should discover about Netherlands which includes the below.

Canals of Amsterdam

Every trip in Netherlands starts with exploring the canals of Amsterdam. I don’t think a trip to Netherlands can be complete without such experience. You can take a gondola ride through the canals of the city. It’s always a nice way to explore a country through its waterways where you can see some iconic buildings and several tourist attractions that are on the water line.

Visit Historical church sites

This country is dotted with several ancient churches where you can explore to have some connection with the tradition. It’s always a nice thing to start your church visit by visiting New Church in Delft, Grote Kerk in Breda, Old Church in Amsterdam, Dom Tower in Utrecht and many others.

Sex shows in Amsterdam

The red light district of Amsterdam is like any other place in the world with regular stir tease and lap dances. It’s actually the best place where you can find unique sex shows.

Visit famous museums in the country

There are many interesting museums in Amsterdam and several other parts of the country. Some of these museums attracts millions of visitors each year. If you are planning a museum tour in Netherlands, then try the Stedelijk museum, sex museum, Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum among many others.

Hoge Veluwe National Park

This is actually the best place in Netherlands to reconnect with nature. The place is ideal for everything including hiking and biking. There also some amazing buildings near this place that you can visit. It’s also close to the Kroller-Muller Museum and Museorder.

Marken Village

This village has some of the best tourist attraction sites in the country. You just have to preplan and eventually take a walk through the tiny lanes that are laced with iconic wooden houses and eventually pay a visit to one of the best museums in the country Marker Museum. You can as well catch some stunning views in the Paard Van Marken.

Go cheese tasting

I bet you wanted to maximize your tour experience in Netherlands by interacting with the best foods, visiting the best tourist attractions and interacting with its people. Now, before you pack and leave the country, you can go cheese tasting in Edam. This cheese is loved by foodies all over the country and the world. You will not regret anything of this.

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