The eagle is strong, powerful and able to capture the vision. Generous and trusting – a believer in a God who believes in you. God loves YOU!

Attempt to do something great for God, even though you might fail, rather than do nothing and succeed .

The psalmist compares God’s care for His people to the eagle’s wings.
“Hide me under the shadows of your wings.”
Ps 17:8
This involves wisdom and especially faith.

Prepare yourself by waiting patiently on your dreams. You will soar to new heights.


Seven (“lucky”) great lessons from the eagle:

1. Eagles mostly fly (travel) alone, yet. like we humans often rely on the help of others along life’s journey. Remember, it’s YOUR journey.

2. Eagles catch the wind drafts of the spirit – they soar high on the wind beneath our wings. Wait on God…then rise on wings like eagles.

“It’s not by might, nor by power, but by God’s Spirit.”

3. Eagles love storms. They use the air pressure of the storm to go high… and this a lesson for all of us. How can I use this obstacle/adversity in my life to go higher?. Look for the storm, but don’t rely on your own strength to get though it. Remember God is with you in the eye of the storm. We will come out of it in a better place than when we into the storm.

You will fly higher, as the Holy Spirit gives us the strength to overcome adversity in our lives.

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”
– Napoleon Hill (in his great book ‘Think and Grow Rich’)

“I am with you…always”.

“The Spirit that made the world is in YOU, but first it has to be activated.”

4. Don’t eat dead things, as eagles only eat fresh prey.
Keep off the dead stuff, unlike vultures

Your walk with God needs to be fresh – a new beginning with new revelations. Listen to the “still quiet Voice within you”!

5. Eagles circle for some time before attacking their prey. Wait for the right time to attack, to lauch your product or idea on the market. Then come back with the spoils of victory.
Learn from history – which battles to fight…and which ones to walk away from.

6. Eagles have tremendous vision from on high.


“Without a vision the people perish.”
– Proverbs

and NB
7. Eagles go to great lengths to teach their young what they’ve learnt: ie. how to fly, they teach and mentor their young well. Share and pass it on – a vital lesson for humankind

Have faith. no matter what you may currently be going through.. “Faith is the currency of God.”

“Lord, I don’t understand what I’m going through, but I trust You in this situation. I know that with You, I’ll come out OK. Like the storm, this too shall pass.”

God loves YOU and always wants what’s best for you

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