Leaves in the rain

Life is hard.  It’s full of challenges.  It’s meant to be that way – part of the journey.

I grew up the daughter of a baker.  I was a major sugarholic.  Sweets and alcohol were staples in my diet – often in heavy doses.  I had a few minor health challenges, but nothing I couldn’t live with.  I was content.  I was unconscious to the ways that I used sugar and alcohol in my life – and content.

Then one day I was held at gunpoint in a bank robbery – this was a challenge.  But had it not been for this challenging event, I would not likely have experienced the acute onset of ulcerative colitis – which was also a challenge – which led me on my healing journey.  These challenges sparked a new chapter in my life which cleaned up a huge number of unhealthy life patterns I had developed long before the bank robbery and brought me to living the exquisite life I now live. 

The challenges woke me up and led me to seek deeper truths.  They were a mercy for me, as were the realizations and changes I made to my life following those experiences.

If we look around, there is mercy everywhere – in the challenges we face and in the relief we seek.  The earth is full of mercy. 

When we fall ill, the earth provides medicine.  When we are hungry, the earth provides food and water. 
Even the things that have been created by humans that seem like a far cry from the natural provision – like television and internet, nightclubs and even processed foods – these also provide mercy for us as we move through life’s journeys.

What is mercy? 

Mercy can be a touchy subject.  It is thought of as compassion for someone who has done something wrong, and in the sense of our life journeys and challenges, no one likes to be called wrong. 

We are not wrong.  We are here to walk a challenging path.  The objects of mercy are those that give relief to us during what could otherwise send us over the edge.  They are the signs of beauty – the flowers and sunsets – that bring us joy and comfort.  They are the television shows that make us laugh, help us to identify with others or help us to escape some part of our own lives.  They are the comfort foods that help us feel nurtured and safe – even the Twinkies can be a mercy.

Emotional eating – reaching for food as a comfort when you are not hungry – yes, this also can bring mercy.  When we feel lost and we don’t know where to turn, emotional eating provides a reprieve.  It helps us to feel better in the moment.  It brings some relief. 

Emotional eating usually begins as an unconscious act.  We’re not even aware that we’re unconsciously reaching for foods when we are feeling uneasy.  Most times, we don’t even realize we’re feeling uneasy, like in my case I described above. 

For example, do you eat when you are bored and there’s nothing else to do?  You might not even realize boredom as an experience of uneasiness.  However, if you eat when you are bored, you are eating to fill a void.  Eating helps – it brings mercy to your discomfort.

Mercy is in everything, and when it’s time for you to make a change, the form of mercy changes.  

For instance, one day you realize the Twinkies aren’t working for you anymore.  Maybe your body develops an intolerance for wheat or dairy or caffeine – or an illness.  Maybe you feel a spark inside that inspires you to want to live a healthier life.  These are signs for you to look deeper within yourself, and to expect a new form of mercy to help you make the changes you are inspired toward.

When you realize the old ways aren’t working any more, or you feel the spark inside and you want to change, look for what shows up in front of you.  This is how the Universe directs you to the next step on your journey.  A spark from within inspires you toward a new form of mercy which is on its way to you.

The water of mercy rains everywhere.  Look within for the inspiration.  Turn to your Source and trust.  Ask for help directly from Source (or the highest form you believe in – your highest self, your angels, Great Spirit, God – whatever concept and language works for you).  Be still and listen.  Watch for what shows up.  Trust that the help is being sent to you.  Know that you are heard and be in gratitude for the response that is on its way.

Author's Bio: 

Hi! I'm Debra Graugnard of Joyfully Living Wellness. I healed myself of ulcerative colitis, fibrocystic disease and hypoglycemia - naturally and holistically – over 25 years ago, and I continue to live a cleansing healing lifestyle. I serve as a Spiritual Healing Practitioner with a Masters of Divinity in Spiritual Healing & Counseling. I offer programs and services to help others who want to heal the stress & emotions that affect their digestive dysfunction, plus offer self-care and lifestyle practices for living a healthful life.

If you want to learn more about how stress influences your digestion, download your copy of my free eBook, Unlocking Deeper Messages Behind Stress & Digestion. Visit www.unlockingdeepermessages.com