A trip should always be well prepared, whether on vacation or business trip. Especially when entering the US, a lot has to be thought of. In addition to the usual preparations, such as the preparation of the necessary documents, the filling of the first-aid kit, and smaller errands, however, must be considered when entering the United States still on an entry permit.

In many cases, a visa is no longer necessary. That's where the ESTA comes in. Find out precisely what an ESTA permit is and who can use it on our website.

Easy entry into the United States with ESTA

ESTA at a glance
1. ESTA is the automated system for entering the US
2. Abbreviation ESTA stands for "Electronic System for Travel Authorization."
3. ESTA was introduced in 2019 as a cheap and fast alternative to the various US visas
4. The USA stay up to 90 days at a time possible
5. Lengthy application for a visa at a US embassy falls away
6. ESTA can only be applied for online
7. For the use, a form must be completed in which among other things, personal data such as first and last name, date of birth, or the current address are queried.
8. A machine-readable passport and the data is mandatory
9. A credit card is required to pay the fee
10. ESTA application will be confirmed in a maximum of 72 hours
11. Valid for two years and allows multiple entries into the United States

What is ESTA? The electronic travel authorization for the USA

ESTA is the abbreviation of Electronic System for Travel Authorization and refers to a system to electronically create travel authorizations for entry into the United States. However, the permit is not a visa. The ESTA system is an automated system that allows visitors from different countries to travel to the US with the Visa Waiver Program or transit through the US.

The Department of Homeland Security oversees the system. Thus, the ESTA application replaces the previously valid Form I-94W, which travelers had to fill in, for example, on the plane shortly before landing. The ESTA system communicates with APIS - an airline information system - and notifies the airline if it has permission to do so, and the boarding pass may be issued. With the online ESTA application, travelers can conveniently obtain a permit for a flight to or from the United States of America over the Internet from their homes.

Basically, thoughtful travel planning is not recommended as a last-minute project and should be started early. The ESTA application should be submitted no later than 72 hours before departure. Each application is checked and analyzed. The exam may take a little longer. Although this is more of an exception, you should take care of your application at an early stage. If necessary, you also have time to correct mistakes in your application that you did not notice before or to dedicate yourself to equipping your first-aid kit because you can check off the paperwork as successful.

As soon as the ESTA has been confirmed, you can immediately leave for the United States.

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