Prostatitis is the most common disease among young and middle-aged people. It is mainly divided into acute inflammation and chronic prostatitis. There are many causes of prostatitis. Therefore, the symptoms of prostatitis should be analyzed in detail. According to the examination of prostatic fluid, look inside.

Whether the inflammatory cells are severe or not, bacterial culture can also be done when necessary to see which type of bacteria is causing the infection. Therefore, antibiotics are used for bacterial prostatitis. Habits change.

In daily life, we take a bath every day, and bathing can bring us many benefits. Bathing seems to be a daily cleaning behavior, but it is also very beneficial to the human body. It can not only remove dirt from the body, but also relieve the fatigue and stress caused by life and work during the day. Taking a bath can moisturize the skin and hydrate the skin.

In addition, when taking a bath, clean and massage the back and legs of the body, which is beneficial to soothe the muscles and relax the body. Taking a bath before bed can eliminate the fatigue of the day and also help with sleep at night.

Generally speaking, do not take a bath when you are not eating and your body is hungry, it is easy to cause hypoxia and temporary anemia. The best time to take a bath is one hour or longer after meals.

Frequent bathing can also resist the invasion of bacteria, enhance resistance, and reduce the occurrence of skin diseases. Baths are mainly divided into showers, tubs and bathtubs.In fact, sitz baths can also have many benefits for the prostate.

A sitz bath can regulate microcirculation, improve bodily functions, and regulate the operation of viscera and meridians. If you take a shower regularly, it is difficult to take into account the genitals, but a sitz bath can specifically target the private parts, improve microcirculation, and regulate immune function.

For skin diseases on the genitals or male genitals, it is necessary to avoid sitz baths in public places and try to have your own private tub or bathtub for sitz baths.

Sitz baths are beneficial for patients with prostatitis. But when patients have symptoms, drugs always help. Antibiotics should be used to treat the bacteria that cause prostatitis, and a combination of treatment is needed to relieve prostate symptoms, including lifestyle changes.

For chronic prostatitis, men can select herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get a cure. It can clear heat and detoxify or warm yang and dispel cold. It mainly plays the role of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, reducing inflammation and pain relief, and reducing prostate enlargement.

Prostatitis has a certain effect through sitz bath treatment. But pay attention to be sure to stick to it, a course of treatment will take about a month. Then cooperate with the patient's drug treatment and life maintenance, such as drinking more water, which can promote the excretion of bacteria, and avoid spicy and irritating food.

You must quit smoking and drinking, especially alcohol, because drinking alcohol will aggravate prostate congestion, which will increase frequent urination.

In general, sitz baths can play a great role in patients with prostatitis. For compatriots suffering from prostatitis, don't panic too much, consult a doctor in time, and combine with a sitz bath, then the symptoms of the prostatitis can be relieved to a certain extent.

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