Mold and mildew are the most common fungi that you will find in your home. They thrive on moisture and are usually found in places where moisture and dampness is common, like the bathroom, kitchen, basement, or any dark, damp, humid corner of the house. They can also be found on items that have not been touched or handled for a long time, like books, clothing items, boxes, wooden materials etc. You can choose to ignore the problem, but it is something that apparently looks quite harmless but can bring about allergic reactions in people, especially in children and also in some pets. If you notice that frequent sneezing, cold and flu is affecting the household members then be sure that it is because of the mold infestation and you need to take some action to remove the same from your premises.

That is not the only effect that mold and mildew is going to have. You will also notice dark stains and patches, a musty odor invading some areas of your house, especially in places like the kitchen, bathrooms, basement, cupboards, sidings and the ceiling, or anywhere that’s slightly damp or humid. These are all structural problems and if left untreated for long, can cause some major damage to your home and reduce its market value. And no one really wants a house to have stains and patches all around, spoiling the look, decoration and the overall appearance of a home. Therefore it is best to get a good cleaner for mold and mildew which will permanently get rid of the irritating fungus.

The first thing to do is to wipe these fungi off the surfaces by a cleaning agent or a removal product that will be a step towards getting rid of the fungi. Products that are commonly found in your house, like baking soda, bleach, vinegar etc. can be used to make a fairly good cleaner for mold and mildew. Just ensure that you yourself is wearing protective masks and gloves while you are using these products to fight the mold influx. First go around the house to find out the locations that has been affected ny mold and mildew. The stains and patches will guide you in finding the exact places. Also be on the lookout for potential weak spots that are not yet affected but can be. Any dark and damp places that are not yet affected should immediately be dried out and some arrangement should be made so that sunlight or any other kind of light reaches the dark nooks.

Spray the homemade solutions where there are patches and stains, and even if the patches have dried up, because it might still have spores that can travel in the air and wreak havoc on your respiratory system. Power washing for stubborn stains might be needed and the sides of the house should also be checked from the outside as this sneaky fungus can grow on the outside walls of a house especially in those shaded parts which remains untouched by sunlight. A good cleaner for mold and mildew will help you fight the problem and will also prevent the fungus from growing back, If you don’t have enough time on your hands to make the cleaning solution yourself, you can always get good mold and mildew removal products from the market which are eco friendly and won’t contain harsh chemicals that can otherwise harm in any way.

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The author of this article Nash Jeo is a homeowner and works as a freelance content writer. He has extensive knowledge about eco friendly cleaner for mold and mildew and has used the same in his own home.