The detrimental effects of a negative attitude hinder your life’s progress and severely limit your life’s satisfaction and happiness.

Effects Of A Negative Attitude

Let me discuss some effects of a negative attitude, and how you can quickly banish it from your life.


A negative attitude is the simple perception of seeing the bad things in life.

This is a continuing and pervasive disease which is very common amongst adults.

Psychologists have stated that the sources for this negative attitude originate from:

- Negative experiences that you had in the past

- An intrinsic personal negative attitude in all things

What then are the effects of a negative attitude?


From your personal viewpoint – how can you move forward if you already failed – long before you started anything?

Your pervasive negative attitude is a symptom of failure even before you start.

Your negative attitude actually affects not only you but others around you.

It affects your colleagues—your bosses, your clients …

Your negative attitude also affects you loved ones… it affects your family.

The Law Of Attraction states that you are a living capacitor of energy, life and everything in it is made up of two poles—the positive and the negative.

You through you conscious self can actually control and manipulate the type of energy that you release.

So what ever energy you emit you will attract energy of similar frequency back to you.

Like attracts like…meaning negative energy will attract similar negative energy, positive energy will attract similar negative energy.

So do you think it’s important for us to be conscious of what kind of attitude we carry around with us?

Of course it is!

Unfortunately, the majority of people burden their daily lives with negative emotions, feelings and beliefs.

In fact it is actually easier and more comfortable for most people to be like this- an constant source of negativity.

Now, what do you want yourself to be?

A source of negative attitudes? Or a vibrant source of positive energy that transforms your life and infectiously affects others.

Living that life that spells SUCCESS! In bold letters!

– Or you prefer to walk life as a FAILURE?


You have a conscious power to change and to stop your negative thoughts and attitudes.

Just as much as you easily generate negative attitudes you can also will yourself to generate positive thoughts…and when you do, your life will dramatically improve and will change forever!

The effects of negative attitudes in the workplace for example can have many serious and detrimental effects.

Detrimental effects to your career… your promotion… your clients and how your colleagues and how your bosses perceive you.

Your workplace can be of many venues… you can work in a company or a place of business… it can be shop or a restaurant… it can also be a classroom or in the field… Outdoors.

Whatever the venue this is your source of “bread and butter” this is the last place where you should emit any negative attitudes… since they will infect all the people around you.


How can you change your negative thinking?

During my time in rugby, there were periods when I was gripped by negative thinking.

How did I deal with this?

Well at first, not very well.

But as time went on I discovered a few simple exercises that worked wonders for me.

1. Erase and Replace- I became more conscious of my thoughts, and started to apply a method of erasing all negative thoughts and quickly replacing with more positive uplifting thoughts.

2. Positive Affirmations- I started incorporating postive affirmations in my daily routine. This helped me focus my thoughts on happier and more desireable experiences and situations. Moreover, I knew through much reading that regularly reciting these affirmations would slowly and surely start re-programming my subconscious attitudes and beliefs, which ultimately controls what is attracted into my life.

3. Attitude of Gratitude- I began focusing more regularly on all the great, good and positive things that I was grateful for in my life- my loving family, my health, my achievements, my relationships. The pay-off of adopting what they call this attitude of gratitude is that through the Law Of Attraction, you attract more things in your life to be grateful for.

Changing your negative attitude is key to attracting more of what you dream of and desire after.

The damaging effects of a negative attitude cannot be underestimated. It is without doubt the primary reason why the majority of people struggle and fail in life… do you want to be one of them, or do you desire to be a fighter.., a true Winner? The choice is YOURS!!!

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A life of struggle and heartache are the effects of a negative attitude. The way you think is the key to what you attract and achieve in life. Discover some proven ways to banish negative thinking forever so that you can finally realize all your wildest dreams and desires.