Is it useful to describe EFT as energy medicine? To many people the phrase energy medicine suggests a religious or alternative lifestyle. Lots of websites associate energy medicine with spiritual healing. Since many mainstream searchers of alternative healing are not comfortable with the energy soul-spirit idea, the energy medicine label places unnecessary limits on the appeal of EFT to the broadest population at a time when we want to encourage the world to ‘try it on everything’.

When clients ask me about energy medicine, I find it most useful to describe it in simple, physical terms. The body is an electrical system, which creates and uses electricity for its mental and physical functions. In fact medical doctors test and measure the electricity of the heart and brain with EKG and EEG machines. Pacemakers use electricity to keep the heart going, and the nervous system sends electric signals to and from the brain and throughout the body.

I do not know how that relates to EFT or meridian tapping, but a useful, rational, and very unscientific possibility is that tapping on Chinese meridian points while thinking unhappy thoughts helps sticky electrons to flow again. Scientists are trying to understand what really happens. But I do know absolutely that EFT works, and I want lots of people to use it often to overcome their physical and emotional barriers.

The people who consider trying EFT already have their own religious and/or cultural beliefs. I offer EFT to the widest range of people by describing it as a simple and effective healing modality. To me, tapping while observing the flow of mind and body sensations, allows our body to heal, an awesome and inspiring thought, irrespective of our belief systems.


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Ruthi Backenroth, owner of EFT-ACTION, uses results oriented EFT techniques to clear a path to creativity and resourcefulness for professionals, business executives and their employees, and busy homemakers, who want effective relief from stress, anxiety, and pain.

As a certified EFT practitioner (CERT 1), and founder of EFT-ACTION LLC, Ruthi combines her knowledge of EFT with NLP (neuro-linguistic programing) techniques and a lighthearted touch, to offer stress management and pain relief techniques, and to help improve productivity, increase confidence, and improve your focus. We tap on acupuncture points to address physical and emotional issues.

EFT is highly effective over the phone
You don’t need to believe that EFT works
You don’t need to talk about your issue
Relief is often permanent