Durable and smooth, alpaca knitwear is definitely worth the investment. It is warm and comfortable. This is a lovely animal from Peru who is known as the "Gold of the Andes". It produces a lovely fur which can be made into multiple garments such as sweaters, scarves, and blankets.

Alpaca fiber is exceeded in strength only by silk. It is strong and well-suited for cold climates. Alpacas are well liked by the people living in Peru and they are frequently used to haul cargo in addition to harvesting the wool. There exists a unique relationship between alpaca and human in the Andes that is quite special.

During the Inca period, this unique type of fiber was reserved strictly for people who were members of the royalty. It was not provided to others who were not royalty but who desired it. This demonstrates that it was initially deemed to be special and while it still is, now anyone who has enough money to buy it can purchase it.

The wool is actually hollow on the inside which makes it lightweight even though it provides much warmth. It has a soft, fine texture that makes it comfortable to wear even as it provides great warmth.

They resemble llamas, but tend to be smaller in size. They are found in many areas of South America and they graze upon grass along the alpine slopes that run along the Andes mountain range. They tend to be gregarious herd animals and they have a reputation for being quite social animals. When they are shaved for their wool on an annual basis, specific methods are used to do the shaving. One needs to have the proper equipment and the right expertise to ensure that both the animal and the person remain safe during the process.

Shearing them on an annual basis is crucial. Without this, diseases can result. Two people must be present to perform the shearing. The animal needs to be restrained. It is large and nervous around the shears. It can be dangerous to shear without the right equipment and knowledge to handle this animal. It can be quite volatile if it is scared. One must take precautions. If one is not certain on how to do this correctly and safely, they should get advice from a professional. Be wise and do the right thing.

This industry is spreading throughout the world as other countries are joining in such as China, Australia, Canada, and Japan. The United States is also included in this. Their wool has a large market as well as breeding. Perhaps in the next decade or so, it will spread to everywhere in the world.

During the 1800s when the Industrial Revolution was going on, England somehow made this wool more accessible to the average person. This helped the whole industry improve its sales and overall distribution a lot. Without this progress in history, the industry might not be doing as well as it is now. Thousands upon thousands of dollars are spent each year in this market area. It is popular and attractive and hopefully, it will only get better. Alpaca knitwear is worth wearing.

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