The resume cover letter is not the application for the job but it is the document that should accompany any resume. It provides brief introduction of the candidate to the prospective employer. Employers don’t have time to read your resume completely and as a result your important qualification or job related skill may get missed out by the employer. The resume cover letter will help you in this case as it is the short description of your resume.
The cover letter should focus on
• Introducing you
• Highlighting your major strengths
• Keeping the reader engaged in reading your details completely and knowing more about you
• Finish with a positive response
Following are some important elements of an outstanding resume cover letter.
• Address your cover letter to the concerned person. Do not write a generic cover letter. Know the person who will be interviewing you and write the letter accordingly.
• Make the opening of the cover letter attention grabbing to grip the reader. This will help you to get attention from the employer.
• Try to present maximum information in short sentences. The cover letter for resume should have plenty of white space. Cover letter should be focused and short and provide clear view of candidate’s details.
• Make little research for what is required by the employer and write your cover letter describing the skills necessary for fulfilling employer’s demands.
• Choose the words that show enthusiasm and passion for the position you are seeking in the company.
• End the cover letter with the positive notes. For example, you can write, “I look forward to being interviewed at your earliest convenience. Thank you for this opportunity.”
Maintain the length of your cover letter. It should not exceed more than a single page. Re-check the letter for the simple grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. Make sure that your letter is relevant to your applied position. Do not write the generic cover letters. It should be specific to the job position.
You should demonstrate to the potential employer that you understand the job requirement and you are ready to work in the position. Include the skills and experiences that are germane to your job description. You will also need to show that you have positive attitude towards the position and the hiring company. Moreover, your cover letter for resume should have professional look and it should be informative

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