For a large population of Western companies, outsourcing is a common weapon when devoting to a more efficient, more convenient, and more economical way of delivering enterprise processes and non-core business functions. Be it a large multi-million company, a middle-sized business venture or even a newly sprouting corporation, securing ties with an outsourcing company indeed reflects major business triumphs.

For the big boys in the industry, it is well-known that one of the top outsourcing destinations is Asia. And countries like the Philippines, India, Malaysia, and China are considered as the giants in the outsourcing industry. But with several issues arising in some BPO-driven countries such as the rapidly increasing salary demands of some of these countries, the continuing workforce regression, and government and policy-related issues, many Western businesses are shifting their gear and turn toward the Philippines. But why is that?

Generally, the Philippines arguably offers a more progressive outsourcing brand, a more stabilized and more ideal macroeconomic environment and its ballooning domestic markets. Other than that, there are still countless reasons that prove why the Philippines must be your number one outsourcing destination, which makes the future of the Philippine BPO industry a more propitious sector in the coming years and decades.

One of the paramount features, why it is practical to invest in a Philippine outsourcing company, is the notable cheaper cost of living in the country. The Philippines is much significantly lower than its neighboring Asian countries in terms of lifestyle cost (lowest in SEA countries), and it served as a vital factor why more and more Western companies are embracing Philippine outsourcing companies. The minimum wage only amounts to eight dollars per day, which is remarkably ideal for Western businesses looking for cheaper BPO investments.

Another reason why the Philippines is gaining grounds in having a bright BPO industry future is the endless capabilities and opportunities of Filipino workers. The Philippines, having a literacy rate of 93%, has definitely leaps and bounds against its competing BPO country counterparts due to their high literacy rate, English fluency and highly-skilled and dedicated workforce. And adding up the identical culture of the Philippines to the Western countries, the Philippines is unquestionably a perfect place for a BPO offshore destination.

Filipinos are creative and expressive by nature, and with the addition of the newly reformed and improved educational system of the Philippines, young Filipino graduates will indeed provide a fruitful contribution to the BPO industry. On the other hand, courses such as creative design, multimedia arts, animation, information technology, advertising and marketing, development communication, and public administration are having great numbers, which are all great news for the future of the Philippine BPO industry.

Lastly, the Philippines imposes a significant economic stability along with efficient government support in the BPO industry. The industry became one of the primary revenue generators of the country, and that’s why the government constantly supports BPO companies in the Philippines. Unlike its Asian competitors in the BPO industry who doesn’t fully support this field, the Philippine government uniquely allocated a budget in the emerging industry, providing BPO companies in the Philippines a more dynamic and progressive venture.

The country is on track to becoming an ideal offshore outsourcing destination in the world, and it will undoubtedly take place just in the near future. As the area of Metro Manila pioneered the incomparable success of outsourcing in the Philippines, numerous cities also took steps in leaving a mark on the map of outsourcing like Cebu, Baguio, Davao, and even provinces such as Cavite, Laguna, and Quezon.

To this date, the development of outsourcing companies in the Philippines is quite an unstoppable force, opening endless opportunities for foreign businesses to experience the stellar service and assistance of Philippine BPO companies. In line with that, Coefficients offers an unmatched high-quality service for simplifying your business process execution while ensuring maximum satisfactory, giving you the opportunity to experience a superlative BPO service.

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Coefficients currently serves more than 20 global clients in knowledge services. The company’s eventual metamorphosis from BPO to KPO is a very good opportunity for it to be ideally positioned to lead in knowledge-based services via ramping up capacity and honing its people’s competency.

Here at Coefficients, we go above and beyond for our clients. From assessment to solution design, to training, transition and launch; we cater to every phase and we got you covered every step of the way. We don’t go for temporary aids. We strike to the core.

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