Plastic surgery has become a regular trend for the western society. Women are the ones who mostly undergo any type of surgeries in order to restore or create their beauty. More importantly, they want to get rid of their flaws. However, there is the question of why they do it. Some believe they do it because they don’t fit into certain beauty standards, but there are those who believe they undergo various procedures in order to empower themselves and feel like a “new woman”.

The society is changing from day to day and beauty standards are definitely not the same as they were 50 years ago. New trends in fashion are constantly rising, and even the trends in body shapes and looks are emerging every day. That makes it difficult for women to fit in, but that is not the main reason women undergo plastic and cosmetic surgery. They do it for themselves and in order to feel empowered. It may look as if fitting in is important to women, but what is more important to them is to feel confident and powerful - and their bodies need to exude that.

That ultimate feeling women strive for comes after the surgery and gives them various other possibilities they couldn’t get just because they didn’t like their appearance. The most common procedures among women definitely are breast augmentation and skin rejuvenation which incite confidence as the end result. Also, there are numerous cases where women spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery no matter the procedure. The reason why they do it lies in the psychological satisfaction. Additionally, in western society success is most commonly linked with physical appearance – beauty – which is another main reason why women want to control their bodies and remove all their flaws.

However, all these reasons for undergoing plastic surgery might support the idea of plastic surgery being a coping mechanism and trying to fit in, but women will mostly disagree with such statements. Women who undergo cosmetic procedures believe that their new look helps them achieve better and happier lives. They also believe that the new outlook on life is closely related to their appearance which is now highlighted and improved. Exactly that feeling of being successful and happier is the main reason why women go under the knife – the feeling of empowerment. Looking fitter, younger and even hotter helps women overcome many obstacles in life they had because of the insecurity about their bodies. Thus, they are more ready to take risks on the road to success.

Although it is the end result that is visible, it is not the only part of the procedure that offers the feeling of empowerment. According to every expert on plastic surgery in Sydney, before looking flawless, women have to actually have the courage to start the whole process. They go on various consultations where an expert openly exposes all their flaws. Then they make arrangements about what to change and when. The surgeries themselves are not as naïve and there are scars left behind. Women trust the surgeons completely and let them permanently alter their bodies and they are proud of it. They keep their “battle” scars as badges of pride and are always remembered of their bravery. It is not odd that all this evokes the feeling of empowerment, triumph and pride and that is everything women desire.

Not everything is about fitting into the rigorous beauty standards of today. Plastic surgery is closely related to that, but women don’t have such state of mind. They only seek for ultimate beauty so they would feel stronger and more ready for what life offers. Control over your own body equals better control over your life and women sometimes need such confidence in this tough world so they could be respected and successful.

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James D. Burbank has worked for years in traditional as well as online marketing. He has worked in Central Asia, Europe and Australasia in recent years.