A new age learning that has gained more attention than anything else, is the law of attraction and manifestation.

I’ve been aware of this law for a number of years now, but it’s only it’s been around 3 years or so that I’ve consciously applying it in my everyday life.

It took me while to get my head around how it all works, but the more and more I started to understand it and then more importantly apply it in my life, did I then realize how incredible powerful this universal law is.

It completely transformed my mindset from one of failure, struggle and negativity to success, accomplishment and infinite positivity.


This law, alleged to have been hidden by religious edicts of old is said to be the dynamics by which the cosmos functions.

What a person has as a thought, desire, emotion, or dream attracts the very same, to the person’s life.

It is the same as saying that who you are right now, your thoughts, your actions, your feelings, your choice of words, is what you can expect to come to you. And these are also what you are about to experience and manifest in your life.

Your life is exactly how it is right now because you have attracted it upon yourself.

Have a look at what’s around you, or whatever is on you, for these are what you have made manifest in your life out of your thoughts and beliefs.


Some say that the law of attraction and manifestation is the key to achieving your ambition and desires.

It’s also been said that the reason why this operating law, by which the universe unfolds, has been kept from most for so long, was due to its power to create.

Indeed, in most religious teachings, the beauty and perfection of the universe, is attributed to a Creator whose power is the source of all that is truly positive and good.

Truth to this teaching can never be scrutinized better than finding out yourself.

You, after all, in the context of divinity, are a spark or an extension of the immense divine power that comes from the one who created everything that exists.

Using the law of attraction and manifestation, to achieve your deepest desire and goals in life promises to eliminate some of the struggles and challenges that come with it.

Being able to attract and manifest what you want towards you, using your everyday thoughts, deed, words and perhaps throwing in a little pretence, is an easy route anyone will take.


Before you say, this law of attraction and manifestation is a piece of cake, a word of caution.

One very important thing you need to do, before deciding to channel your being towards a desire, a want, or a dream.

Check your intention.

The first engagement of the consciousness, which has the power to make the law of attraction and manifestation work for you, is to reflect on your intention.

Your intention is what will fuel or energize your thoughts.
You may have the grandest of all dreams and vision, but in the end, it is the intention that you receive right back at you.

There are clear how to guides, and enumerated steps to make in utilizing this power to create, with the law of attraction and manifestation.

• Intention
• Ask
• Believe
• Receive

It can’t get any simpler than these four words.

# Identify your intention.

# Ask for what you desire.

# Believe that whatever it is has been granted.

# And receive what you have asked for, even if it hasn’t manifested yet.

Pretending that it’s already there in your possession is encouraged, and to do so until it fully manifests before you.

The prospects in this law is said to be immense and beyond a successful practitioner’s imagination.

But in order to be successful in it, one has to believe that there is a good universal order by which everything turns. And it is this order that one needs to align to, in order to use the law positively.

If it seems so simple and easy then why do so many feel frustrated and wronged by life?

The answer lies in the complex answer of what this life has become conscious of.

The effectiveness of this law is dependent on the use of the conscious and subconscious mind, an untamed territory for most of us.

With the right intentions and, an effort to maintain goodness in and out of yourself, the law of attraction and manifestation, promises to send back goodness, more than you can ever ask for.

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Attracting and manifesting whatever it is you want in life can really become your reality. By applying the incredibly powerful law of attraction amd manifestation you will transform your life of despair, lack and disappointment into one of unlimited success, happiness and abundance. Discover the secrets to unlock this law so it magically brings you everything you want a lot easier and a lot quicker.