Emotions are the way that our energy selves tell us what is going on energetically. The best way to work with emotions is to think of them as messengers and E-nergy-in-Motion. By noticing them and acknowledging them they then move through. Below are 5 emotions and their energetic messages.

1. Depression: The message is: What in my life needs new levels of empowerment? Depression is caused when vital life force energy reverses it flow of direction. Instead of flowing from within us out into our environment, it flows deep into our interior. By following this energy deep into the quanta fields of our being, our energy body recovers something lost or accesses new levels of power needed for the next level of our expression. By not resisting this energy and moving with it, we more quickly move through depression. (Note: This does not refer to mental body depression that can be caused by brain chemistry inbalances. That is a different energetic and an energy healing session is suggested to help move through the underlying conditions.)

2. Anger: The message is: Where do I need boundaries? This fiery emotion acts like the firewall program for a computer. It keeps out unwanted energies. Once you feel the anger, you don’t need to do anything with it (like rant or rave at someone). Instead acknowledge it in your field and ask where or why you needed boundaries. If someone else has provoked anger, simply state that you have a boundary issue coming up that you’ll need time to explore. Anger calibrates better with breath and movement (great time to get the house cleaned). Sometimes when we are chronically depressed, we manifest a lot of anger trying to burn through the depression.

3. Fear: The message is: What do I need to pay attention to? Biologically fear tells us that we need to make a decision…fight, flight or flee. Fear greatly enhances intuition. In our largely mental worlds today, fear still tells us to pay attention. By bringing your intuition and mental discernment to look at your world, you an determine what course of action, if any, is being asked for. Ask your guides for greater energetic protection, if the source of the fear response is not discernible. Tell the energy body you’ve received the message so it can release the state of fear. Other forms of fear are anxiety and worry.

4. Grief: The message is: How can I honor what’s been lost? Grief contains many emotions including joy, sadness and anger. Because we are connected to loved ones and even material objects with energy fibers, if we lose them it tears the energy fibers. This is why grief is so physically painful. Grief has its own timeline and must be honored. Some people stay in chronic grief so as not to let go of the old form of a loved one.

5. Joy: The message is: How may I express unconditional love in all situations? Joy is an indicator of a state of unconditional love. Excitement, happiness and peace are precursors of joy but often they are determined by external events. Send these feelings through every cell of your being to elevate your vibration and bring you into joy. An attitude of appreciation and gratitude will also foster joy.

6. Love: Strictly speaking love is not an emotion. It is the vibrational state of beingness in which all is created. Aligning ourselves to the energy field of love heals our DNA and connects us to the sacred oneness in which we all exist.

Author's Bio: 

gia combs-ramirez is an Advanced Energy Master, cofounder of Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ and energy reader. She has an international clientele for individual sessions.