Do you ever feel “energetically exhausted” after attending a networking event or other large-group business meetings? Many introverted entrepreneurs experience these feelings, and perhaps you are one of them, as well.

This energetic exhaustion often happens when you are literally fatigued from interacting with and being around people after a certain amount of time. You may feel mentally or emotionally exhausted after attending networking events, conferences or other business-type events.

Most introverted entrepreneurs tend to feel most energized when they have “alone time”; that deep urge to connect with people in order to feel energized isn’t usually there. This can create a challenge at events where lots of people will be in attendance. Since building connections are an important part of your business, it can feel difficult to develop these relationships if you’re feeling energetically drained during those kinds of events.

Here are some signs that you might be experiencing “people exhaustion”:

-Losing focus from the group or conversation
-You feel a headache starting
-Feeling overwhelmed and/or distracted
-A feeling of fatigue

Noticing what your particular “signs” are can be very helpful in deciding what to do next to protect your mental and emotional energy. Here are some helpful strategies to either prevent or ward off “people exhaustion” when it hits:

1. Take care of your physical needs beforehand.

Make sure that you’re well-hydrated and that you’ve had a snack/meal before attending the event. This simple step can do wonders to help you focus and maintain good energy while you’re there.

2. Get clear on your intentions before you go.
Decide what you’d like to learn or the kind of person you hope to meet at the event. Knowing what you intend to experience can support you in focusing on the right things once you show up.

3. Know how much you can handle.
If you’re feeling really drained energetically, it might be a good idea to leave quietly. It’s important to honor how you’re feeling, and if leaving early is what you need to do, then do it. Just make sure that you’re not leaving early to avoid introducing yourself, since becoming comfortable with public speaking is a valuable skill as an entrepreneur. This is about honoring your self-care when you’re starting to experience those “signs” we looked at earlier.

4. Take a break.
If you’re not able to leave the event right away (sometimes we can’t), then consider taking a break. Perhaps a quick visit to the washroom, a drink of water or a brisk walk is all you need to reconnect with the group in a better way.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you experience this kind of exhaustion at networking or other large group events. Many entrepreneurs (especially those with introverted qualities) experience this often. Having some strategies that you can turn to when you need them can help you to feel much more confident when you are out and about with lots of people for your business.

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Milissa Harding is a Mindset Coach for Introverted Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Leaders. She supports introverted entrepreneurs and leaders through her step-by-step system which shows them exactly how to grow a business in a way that fully aligns with who they are, instead of what they've been taught that they "should" do. As a result, her clients experience the ease, joy and success in their business that they truly deserve. Request your FREE report, “10 Steps to Create an Energetically-Rich Business as an Introverted Entrepreneur” at