Cities contain energy from the earth, buildings, past events that have transpired within them and the people who live there. The energy of where we live affects us. We may find ourselves living in an area that brings us joy every day, or we may feel continuously unhappy or disconnected from the world around us. We don’t very often look to the energy of where we live as having an influence on our energy levels and feelings.

I travel for my work and have the opportunity to experience the energy of many cities. Some cities have profound impacts on how I feel. San Francisco, for instance, makes me feel uncomfortable and I just can’t wait to leave. Paris on the other hand makes me feel tranquil and happy. I know people, with high awareness, who can stay in Sedona, Arizona no more than a couple of hours because the energy is so strong. I suggest you spend some time thinking about the cities or towns you have visited or lived in, and see if you can define how the energy made you feel.

The energy of where you vacation also tells you something about your energy. Perhaps you are the kind of person who likes to vacation by sitting on the beach, relaxing with a good book and taking it easy. You need to feel soothing energy. Other people recharge by taking in new and exciting activities, maybe deep sea fishing, or parachuting out of an airplane. These people need stimulating energy to help recharge their energy. There are some people who find that they get bored if they stay in the same place for a whole vacation. Usually these people’s energy has a high vibration level and they need the vibrant energy often found in big cities or the excitement of seeing and learning about new things. Constant moving and big cities may sound counter intuitive when thinking about vacations, but it’s all about your energy.

Also, for many of us as we grow and change, we feel the urge to pull up stakes and live in another area. This urge comes about because you no longer match the energy of where you are living. You have outgrown it, and you are being urged to another place where the energy you need will be available to aid your continuing growth. These feelings are very similar to how we can outgrow our friends because they no longer help provide the experiences we need for our growth.

Thinking about the energy of the city you live in or the places you visit helps you to better understand your own energy and what you need to support your spiritual growth and awareness. The more we are aware the more easily we can see ourselves in our environment and understand our needs. Most people think that inanimate objects like buildings, stone, wood, etc. are not composed of energy. This is an incorrect assumption. Everything from people, animals, rock or buildings are composed of energy, and all energy has intelligence. This concept is difficult to understand until you have reached a well-developed level of awareness. Exploring and gaining information about energy has a direct bearing on expanding your knowledge and awareness. There are many user friendly books about quantum physics. Learning about this branch of physics can be helpful when exploring energy.

Try an experiment, visit a location in your city, suspend your beliefs about objects not having energy and open yourself up to the energy that surrounds you. Take writing materials and jot down a description of the location in as much detail as you can. Next examine how you feel in this place. Just write, don’t really think about it. Repeat this check of your feelings several times and add the time of each checkpoint. Try repeating the exercise in different locations and explore why you felt the same or differently. Try this while on vacation or when you visit other areas. You will be surprised by what you uncover.

Author's Bio: 

Karen has been a healthcare professional and consultant for several decades. For the last 25 years, she has been dedicated to spiritual growth and learning to live with her spirit fully realized. She is assisted by a spiritual guide, in the angelic realms, called Madea. Karen has completed her first book Spiritual Novice, Begin the Journey and available her Karen also is available for personal spiritual coaching.