The energy this year has already started with a great deal of optimism and is much more progressive than 2010. The foundation phase has finished, it is now the time to be clear on what it is you want to change, rather than live in ‘hope’ of your life progressing differently.

Take time to plan what you want for 2011. If you’re not sure how to, here are a few ideas for you:

Firstly, decide on your key areas. What’s important to you right now: your health; your wealth; your happiness? Pick out the key area that will help trigger all other areas to fall into place. In my experience of giving readings and direction to people through psychic consultations, health is the surprise key area to trigger all else into place.

So, what do you decide on? You can start by defining your goals. For instance, if you want to adjust your weight or body image, ask yourself the following questions:

What size do you want to be? What would make you happy? Make this realistic rather than optimistic. Over the last twelve months I have seen people transform their self image not by obsessing over their weight but by deciding how they want to feel about themselves.

What would make you feel proud when you look in the mirror? If that is what weight you are, how many dress sizes smaller would make you feel better? Does it affect your self image enough to affect relationships? If the answer is ‘yes’ then your priority should be to adjust your weight to the point where you feel more confident in yourself. Naturally, therefore, you will feel more comfortable about attracting a partner.

So, what is your preferred size? When you think about the question, notice how you feel. Do you experience an ‘up’ feeling or a ‘down’ feeling? An ‘up’ feeling in the solar plexus is a positive response. This means you are happy at more than a conscious level to create that self image. A ‘down’ feeling suggests you’re not confident that you can achieve what you have set your mind to.

If you do get a ‘down’ feeling when you ask yourself what size you would like to be, then your 2011 priority needs to be the subject of relationships. It is likely that you are using an aspect of weight as a way of hiding from relationships.

It is my firm belief through years of experience that the key to successful relationships arises from firstly a love affair with the self. If you’re cringing at this option then your 2011 key goal definitely needs to include relationships.

If you’re single, ask yourself ‘What type of person do I want to meet?’ Is it someone with self-esteem who looks after their wellbeing, a person of integrity who knows what they want from life? Is it someone you can trust, who doesn’t play emotional games and is confident?

Over the years I have seen the best relationships emerge from those people who are willing to work on themselves and become the person they want to meet. Then, they find the right person for them.

If you’re already in a relationship and it’s not working to the level you would like, then ask yourself:

Is the person I am currently with the person who reflects the qualities I would like in a person?

What do you need to change about yourself in order to reflect the person you want to meet?

If you ask yourself these two questions, often the person you are currently with (if they are right for you or a soul mate) will magically transform without any interference from you. People who continue to compromise their integrity become disillusioned and give up. They say they don’t want a relationship but scratch the surface, the fact is they do want a relationship.

So, if you want a successful relationship, then make 2011 the year you become the person you want to meet. What changes can you make that will help build your inner world? What do you need to acquire the courage to make the changes? What do you want to have done before you leave the physical realm? You can decide your goal for 2011 that will help you achieve all that.

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