A journal has many meanings and it relates to a record of events. In this article, we are going to see about the entire journal of cricket. The article completely deals with many issues such as its origin and its recent position. The cricket game is called as the world ‘s second most famous popular game and no other game has not been developed like this and in future, it will come into the number 1 position due to its response from public.

In many countries, they are considering this game as a prestigious one and in some countries they are worshipping the famous players as god. George mikes says that “Many Continentals think life is a game; the English think cricket is a game” because it was first played by English countries. As said by him, they were the founders of this game. The references say that this game has been played in 1300 by king Edward 1 of England and he played creag, an earlier form of cricket.

The exact mention of term cricket was used in 1598 at royal grammar school, in Guilford and the next recorded spot was in 1624. During that time, a player called jasper vinnal died due to the hit on the head by the cricket bat. In 17th century, this game became an adult’s game and in 18th century, many country matches have been played.

As I said above, this game was first played by English people and it has been particularly played in England and later on, the game got spreaded to overseas due to its popularity. When this game was played, it had no rules and laws, and the year 1788 is called as the year for laws for cricket because only in this year few laws were framed by Marylebone cricket club. In 1864, the over arm bowling was first used legally and the only sport that had laws instead of rules was cricket and it has been framed by many laws.

The laws were first imposed during the play between England and eastern United States and the laws covered during the play were the wicket size, cricket ball weight, length of pitch and distance from the pitching and bowling grease. Later on, the international cricket started to begin and the first game was between USA and Canada. The overseas match took place in the year 1862 and the credit goes to the English team who toured Australia. Later on in 20th century, this game had gained more popularity and test cricket was the highest level of standard throughout 20th century. The one day international was first tried as an experiment and the introduction of one day international is quite interesting.

In 1971, a test match was abandoned due to heavy rain on opening days and to give players some exercises, the ICC which is called as imperial cricket conference experimented with limited over and later on; it turned out to a popular one. Now ICC is called as international cricket council and they are the governing body of cricket game. Cricket bats and cricket balls are very essential for this game and it also depends upon other cricket equipments like batting gloves, wicket keeping gloves and more.

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