Now that the world has changed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, press releases have become all the more important. Offices are still shut. Working from home has almost become the norm. Many people have quit their 9 to 5 jobs and started doing business. Many companies have downsized to reduce cost.

A lot is happening around the world in the professional front.

And while employers and employees strive to adjust to the new normal way of working, the glory of press release is at its peak.

In fact, people who used to say that press releases are dead are now realizing how wrong they were!

Press releases have become more important.

Due to the fact that a major chunk of the population wants to stay within the comforts and safety of their homes, it has become more important to let the people know what is happening in your business.

In this regard, it is not wrong to say that digital press releases are ruling the roost. And when we talk of digital, we must consider things like SEO.

No wonder SEO press release distribution is crucial at this time.

Simply writing a press release is not enough. You need to optimize it to “win the hearts” of the search engines. Only then is your press release alive. Otherwise, it is no better than a dead piece.

Now, if SEO is not your cup of tea, worry not. There are experts to do the job. You concentrate on your business, and yes, continue to organize events, virtually that is.

The era of virtual is here

No time is better than this to hold a series of virtual events and launches because people are looking for some fresh news. They are saturated with news of deaths, Covid-19, vaccines, and others.

People are hungry for some new product that makes their life easier and better. They wish to be engrossed in activities that help them forget the pandemic woes.

So, if you are a business that sells products or service, it’s time to gear up for online events, contests, quizzes, launches, and what not to capture audience attention.

Hiring the best service

It makes sense to hire the best PR service because, as wisdom says, you must delegate tasks and focus on the main task.

In this case, your main task is to do business and concentrate on organizing the event for which you wish to write a press release.

The tasks of writing a press release, editing it, making it search engine optimized, and distributing it can be delegated.

PR experts do it daily. They would be glad to help you.

And if you wondering about the extra cost that you may need to incur, stop worrying. Most of the reputable services charge a reasonable cost and provide a package of services. And the results are so amazing, you would pat yourselves on the back to have invested in such a PR service.

So, what are you waiting for? SEO press release distribution is more effective than simply distributing your content here and there. Time to make the most of the trend.

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Jennifer Smith has hand-on experience in content marketing and affordable press release distribution that’s the reason why his blogs on the subject are educative and easy to understand. Mike has been a creative writer and is focused on the world of content marketing for many years now.