These days everyone has a smartphone. You will see that smartphone owners constantly take phones out of their pockets or purses to check for message and call alerts. Well, although it seems great, it is a very tedious and hurried task that often leaves one in a bad mood. It is also possible to miss important calls just because you could not hear the ringing of your phone. However, what would happen if you could receive alerts about your messages and calls on your wrist, on your watch and what would happen if you could answer your calls just by speaking on your watch?

What used to be a simple wristwatch has now become the telephone clock, a technical marvel. A smart watch or a smartphone is a computerized wrist watch that does much more than keep time for you.


Since the fashion of smart watches began, they have become more than a geek dream. The cartoon character Dick Tracy, from the 1940s, had a two-way wristband that is now considered the forerunner of modern smartwatches. In the successful 1982 Knight Riders television series, the main character, Michael Knight always used the two-way communication wristwatch. If we want something more interesting, we also have the James Bond movies as a reference. In fact, wearing these watches gives the user an exciting feeling.

Awesome Features:

Watch phones are also called laptops because of their countless variety of features. Companies have been trying to add new features to old watch phones almost every day. Today, you can get a smart watch in an affordable price range. Watch phones come in vibrant colors, are great to watch and is an extremely useful touch screen gadget. Watch phones offers you all the functions of a normal smartphone, from the most basic of making or answering a call to other advanced functions such as accessing Facebook and Twitter. There are also general features of smartphones such as emails, weather forecast and GPS tracking system.

The future:

Looking to the future, you may soon be able to control the appliances also through watch phones. Imagine doing different tasks with a wrist watch that can store all the information you want. Some watch phones also come with a matt gold or platinum finish for people who love bling. In addition, the battery life with which the watch phones come is incredibly convenient given its small screen.

Here is an interesting fact. Smart watches and its concept is not new. The first smart watch was developed in 1972. Only now, however, the sale of this new technological marvel has increased for more visit this website

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Looking to the future, you may soon be able to control the appliances also through watch phones.