The world today faces a crisis. That crisis is a spiritual crisis. A crisis of the soul, of the heart, expressed in the physical world in the variety of collective circumstances that face the planet today. There is one point about all of these circumstances—the pandemic, the racial problems of discrimination and injustice in various forms around the world, the meaning of conservatism and reaction to the world situation wanting to return to the past and past glories—all of these struggles face humanity, not one country or one continent. They face the entire of humanity and what happens in one place affects what happens elsewhere. Humanity cannot currently be divided.

The climate, the care of the planet, or the lack thereof, all of these problems face the entirety of humanity
Gone are the days when one nation, one race can make it on its own independent of others and can find superiority, for the fate of humanity is an interwoven interconnected whole.

The transition from nationalism to globalism is unstoppable because those issues which face human beings are not national. They are now global. And the solutions are not national. This is a spiritual crisis because the spirit of human beings has been bound by materialism in the age of the Vaeshan. It has manifested primarily as capitalism. But it has generated vast materialism that is unsustainable and has depressed the human heart and the human spirit.

And so today human beings in their material seeking have moved towards their own demise. To rise above that demise, to rescue humanity requires a kind of universal love for all beings and efforts to secure the welfare of all beings. This is a part of universal love taught at the heart of most religions. But in the secularism and materialism that has dominated the current age, this spiritual love has diminished. Greed, self-centeredness, individualism has dominated. But the world is in a transitional period. A transition from the Vaeshan era through the Shudra revolution into the Kshattriyan era. The Kshattriyan have a different psychology. A psychology that will rescue and heal the world of today.

It need not look military or like an army, but an approach, a value system that values the welfare of all human beings and the duty to serve and care for the welfare of all. The true Kshattriyan is not just a soldier, but one who values a noble cause, one who values dharma, one who values moving from darkness to light, one who values uplifting the human spirit, and is willing to put duty to humanity, and love of humanity above personal welfare.

We are moving into an age where this is essential. We can no longer pit one person against another, one society against another, one race against another to secure greater material gain, territory, and conquest. This tendency of the human mind to move in these directions and to use violence to secure these ends is leading to the destruction of the very planet we live upon.

This cannot change without a shift in consciousness, a shift in the value base of people, a shift to a more subtle frequency. No amount of resistance, no amount of reaction can change what is occurring. The planet itself is evolving. Human beings are evolving. And this evolution is spiritual evolution. The spirit of human beings needs to expand to be inclusive, to work for the welfare of all living beings.

Do not be daunted by the reactions to this process. As I have said, a corner is being turned, and those reactions will have less and less appeal to people. They will receive less energy. And people instead will be inspired to work for the welfare of living beings.

You will see a change this very year and in the following years, it will only increase. The way forward is before you. It is not for one country, one society, one race. It is for humanity. And humanity will join together to face the global issues that have arisen and will soon arise so that human life and all life upon this planet may survive and flourish.

I have given in meditation to visualize that survival and flourishment. I would encourage all to do that meditation periodically, to visualize the healing and perfection of the planet on which you live - the healing of all living beings. Now is the time to create that positive vision that it may become true in this physical world. And it will become true in this physical world.

Author's Bio: 

In addition to being an author of five books, Maetreyii Ma, also known as Dr. Nolan, is a licensed psychologist with a doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology, a teacher of yogic philosophy and ancient wisdom, an ERYT 500 Yoga Teacher, and an ordained yogic minister, or Acharya. Maetreyii Ma is currently the president of Ananda Guru Kula, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the wisdom teachings of yoga and a psychologist in private practice. She is also the Spiritual Director of Ananda Kamalalaya Ashram, where she offers ongoing training in meditation, yoga philosophy and regular weekly and monthly events.

She is the founder and past president of Ananda Seva Mission, a nonprofit yogic community. She is a former director of and teacher in the Ananda Seva Yoga Teacher Training certification programs and the ASM Yoga Therapy Certification Trainings. Dr. Nolan is also a former director of the Spiritual Emergence Network and a founding member of the Kundalini Research Network.