First, let us take a closer and deeper look at some of the various definitions given to the word “Determination” or another term for this is “Drive”. Determination or drive is the skill or capability of the mind to accomplish whatever it desires to accomplish; It’s that internal strength drawn from the human mind to achieve a certain purpose.

It's that strong will based on wisdom, experiences, insight, which compels the mind to successful and triumphant attainments. It’s the self discipline to achieve whatever your mind can conceive. But what about Goal—it is actually the end results of our achievements. It needs an instrument (determination or drive) in order to reach its destination—which is our goals.

There are times in our lives that when we ask some questions, we might in fact have answers or replies just within us to some of those questions or queries which we unwittingly do not know. But a deeper and more profound scrutinizing of the mind prior to a question is being asked could make such a huge difference.

And for a particular athlete who desires a topnotch and outstanding performance, it is very essential that any goal realization is established on one’s mind and thoughts rather than of the body. As a first-rate athlete, your task is to let your mind train it to work in coordination with your body and strength.

When you do not connect or join these two forces, then success or triumph will not be guaranteed. In the end, you can ask yourself some of these relevant questions; What is my goal and what is my drive? And how can these two work together to aid me to come to my goals and end results? So in order to attain or accomplish a tour de force, you would have to state or declare your goal, then craft a way to pursue and reach that goal or objective.

Being gutsy is one great aspect which could support your determination. Whilst you are on your way of creating some ways to help and assist you, you would require a strong will power or the drive to carry you through. The skill from your thoughts to bolster your deep yearning for your aspirations, thereby letting you to develop and improve a powerful discipline for you to follow through.

And this is where action on your part is really needed. It is not merely enough to just think about first-rate performance and then not thinking of ways in how to reach it. Whenever you think of ways, you must also bring to actuality by your actions some of those ways or methods you would need to attain those goals and objectives.

As an athlete, those ways or methods can be quite taxing and constant exercise and practice sessions that would ensure mastery in a specific field of sports. Only then can success and victory could be guaranteed. In general, whatever you set your mind to, then you can always achieve it! Just work on it and don’t ever give up.

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