The Fact About Sell A Home That No One Is Suggesting.
November 18, 2019
By savviproperties

Is it about that time to sell your home?
We all know the traditional methods of finding a local realtor (over 120,000 realtors in Texas), listing your home and selling through a traditional process that is long, drawn-out, and disappointing. When the inspection finally comes back for your home most traditional buyers will take a look at the smallest remarks on the appraisal and inspection reports and have instant buyers remorse. There may be nothing majorly wrong with your home, but most buyers that are not in real estate only own 1-2 homes their entire life. This is their biggest investment so it can often be a scary thing.

What is an off-market sale?
We’ve seen a large increase in “off-market” home sales that have sparked the Real Estate Association to crack down and force realtors to sell homes strictly on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). An off-market home sale means the home was sold to a private buyer or investor. Off-market means you don’t have to pay closing cost, or buyer and seller realtor fees (often almost $20,000 in savings for homeowners). Real estate brokers do not like that homes are being sold off the market because they 1. Didn’t get to make the commission 2. Do not know the sale price of homes since Texas is a non-disclosure state. Savvi Buys Houses is an off-market buyer meaning we bring the offer straight to you, saving you thousands overall.

How to sell a home off the market?
Selling a home privately is often the way to go, especially when the home needs updates and repairs. Investors and home buyers like Savvi Buys Houses can purchase homes for cash, put a significant amount of money into them and put them back on the market for rent or sale. When you sell AS-IS it means you don’t have to spend any money on repairs, you won’t pay extra fees or closing cost, and no commissions.

Don’t fall prey to extortion.
A really dirty trick some 6% agents play is to get your listing, and then “hold it hostage”. It works like this: First, they say whatever is necessary to get your listing, even if they have to tell you your house is worth more than it really is. If the listing is a long enough term, they assume they can convince you to lower your price later on. Perhaps you don’t want to reduce your price, or maybe you think the agent doesn’t know what he’s doing and you want to list with somebody else. If you want to cancel your listing for any reason, they demand a “fee” to compensate them for all their “hard work” and expenses before they cancel your listing. This is often thousands of dollars. The reason this often works is that no other agent can enter your property in MLS while there is another active listing in the system. If you want to get rid of the agent, you need to “pay them off”.

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