There is no area in South Africa with a more competitive job market than Gauteng. It often offers better opportunities for salary, but it also has a higher concentration of job seekers. Recruitment agencies around Johannesburg could be the one favorable element that secures that dream job.

Selection of recruitment agency can be the one element that helps one achieve the best interviews for one's career. Thereafter, the applicant is in control but before that, the recruiter plays an important part in the process. It's thus useful to know a little of what to seek in a recruiter. Agencies that don't take their applicants seriously can waste the time they could otherwise spend applying more skilfully for positions.

A resume isn't the primary element for finding employment. Ultimately, the people in the process have more impact. The adage that it's who you know, not what you know that gets results is never more true than in the case of a recruiter. Talented professionals who know how to qualify their applicants and always submit a select few to their appropriate positions have a far higher rate of success.

Recruiters who take time in only submitting a limited amount of highly apt candidates for each position earn the trust of hiring managers. In response, those managers take their submitted candidates more seriously. Someone who may otherwise have given a person no more than a glance will pay attention to a candidate's character and qualifications to find out if they're as perfect for the position as the recruiter believes.

Recruiters who work in specific industries have at least a vague understanding of the jargon and industry language. A recruiter who works in the computer industry but who doesn't understand the difference between HTML and Java is unlikely to be able to place applicants correctly. That recruiter doesn't have to know how to program Java, but he does need to know enough to see the languages as dissimilar.

Hiring managers quickly lose respect for the recruiters and the candidates submitted by them when they constantly submit poorly qualified people. A hopeful candidate doesn't need to be glanced over because of her recruiter's bad reputation. It's vital for recruiters to understand the facets that are required for the careers they work with.

Recruiters who can't see more than qualifications on paper don't understand the characters and capabilities needed for different careers. Recruiters who do are more skilled at submitting candidates to interviews they are suitable for whilst simultaneously earning the respect of the hiring managers. It's equally important that they consider the motivation and seriousness of their applicants.

Salary requirements are complicated by candidates' self worth. A great recruiter can look past unrealistic criteria for salary limits and knows the industries well enough to balance career standards with the real job market and climate so that they can negotiate the right salaries for applicants. Recruitment agencies around Johannesburg will know the difference between Cape Town and Gauteng salaries and have a strong negotiating stance to seize the appropriate opportunities for candidates.

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