Cooking is a fun activity when practised at home, but not when you are eying a cheffing position. In case you are aspiring to become a chef, you will discover that this field has fierce competition, particularly for chefs looking for an opportunity to get to the top. However, if you want to accelerate your chances of becoming a top cook or chef, you may consider publishing good recipe in various publications. The factors to consider when choosing a recipe to publish include:

· Creativity

You should be in a position to come up with recipes that are appreciated by the readership. The industry demands timeliness in solving problems to keep the customers satisfied and the operations flowing smoothly. When choosing a recipe, it is important to be creative. Creativity helps you to come up with meals that have not been thought of before.

· Attention to details

Before publishing a recipe you need to pay close attention to details. You must understand that cooking is both an art and a science. Therefore, every ingredient and the required measurements help to ensure the success of the recipe. You must be aware of these requirements when coming with a recipe. The right ingredients need to be used in their right measures to come up with a desirable recipe.

· Simplicity

The recipe you choose to publish should be one that is easy to follow. Therefore, you may need to use ingredients and spices that are readily available from the local food stores. The recipe should feature a step-by-step process of mixing the ingredients. Therefore, the ingredients should be listed according to this order. In addition, it should be in a language that is well understood by the readership. It should be clear and precise by ensuring you are using ingredients and spices that are well understood by the readership.

· Time tested recipes

Everybody has at least one recipe that they cherish and value from an early age. Some of these recipes have been hand-written from other cookbooks that are no longer published and from the elderly. In case you have a recipe that has developed a time-tested nostalgia while generating the joys of a meal that is to be remembered many days to come, you may consider publishing it. You may also consider seeking for the approval of professional test kitchens before publishing your recipe. Unfortunately, just a few publishers take the necessary measures to ensure their recipes get the necessary approval.

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