Every day 2,185 children go missing. The safety of one’s children is a legitimate concern for every parent, thus parents have sought out child tracking to ensure the safety of their sons and daughters.

Kids GPS trackers are used to locate a child at any moment in the day. These trackers are typically small in size and can be attached to an undisclosed area of the child’s clothing. Some parents may worry about the validity of such a device, but its benefits undoubtedly outweigh its cons. First we must determine what kids GPS trackers offer and how this technology works to ease parents’ fears.

Real time tracking

A GPS device designed for children includes real time tracking, which means the location of the child is consistently updated. The device receives information from a network of GPS towers then delivers the information to the device of one’s choosing, typically a smart phone or a computer. The device does not lag, so the location the parents sees on the device is the exact location of the child.

Creating geofences

Geofences are virtual boundaries that can be set for the particular device. These boundaries can be common places that the child frequents, such as school or a friend’s house. When a child leaves or enters a geofence, an alert is sent to the parent’s phone or email. This is particularly helpful when a child is walking to or from school since their travel can be monitored without the parent’s physical presence.

A device with a low battery or a device that has been turned off

In addition to receiving alerts about the location of the child, parents can receive updates when the device is running low on battery or when the device has been turned off.

Safety of the device

Those weary of this information being stored in networks fear not. This information is sent only to the device of your choosing and only the owner of the device can track it.

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