I live in a Monolithic Dome and they started carrying the Vortex Turbulator. Hearing so many good things about it, I had to have one. So the plumber installed it in my Monolithic Dome. Ever since, I have felt better and had more energy, and could only determine it was from the change in my water. I soon found out where it all began. I started reading about Victor Schauberger, who started turbulating water back in the 1940s and 50s. A true pioneer he rapidly became my hero.

Viktor Schauberger was born in Austria in June 1885. He pioneered the natural understanding of the movement of water. While growing up, he observed how trout in a stream seem motionless while in a fast moving current; that was the beginning of his fascination with the forces of the flow of water.

In his early years, he worked in the forestry industry and was able to devise a more efficient method of moving logs. Rather than using oxen, Viktor used the power of the river to move heavy woods – a process that significantly reduced the cost of transporting timber. Yet, this was just the beginning of his work. But because he did not have academic training, he was not totally accepted by the scientists of his day.

Stories and controversy abound about his work for Hitler and the Third Reich, from agricultural improvements, to perpetual motion machines, to two prototype flying saucers. All were based on water technologies. Since the SS confined him for a short period and threatened execution, it’s generally accepted that he was persuaded to do this work for the Nazis.

After the war, he developed several technologies, including a water based vortex power generator that was tested successfully in West Germany. Some say Viktor is the father of implosion technology that formulated from his work with water in vortexes. Some say he was the first to introduce the ideals of balanced or “structured water” after it went through this turbulation process. But others give him no credit and say he is overrated.

The controversy continues as to exactly how far reaching his theories and inventions impact our world. The Green Movement celebrates him as a hero because he based all his theories on observing nature and most of his inventions came from his basic premise of being “congruent with nature and the forces of water.”

At Monolithic, we don’t care about the controversy. What we do care about is quality water for our families, now and in the future. But we are very willing to give credit to Viktor Schauberger, as a great man and pioneer who opened new doors.

We know he turbulated water in a vortex and found it to be in its ideal state, and we know he introduced the concept that water was “living” and could be brought back to its ideal or “structured” state. Much like Thomas Edison who developed the first light bulb that eventually led to energy efficient florescent bulbs, Viktor developed the vortex principle. These first turbulators were vary large and expensive devices. But today, we have the Vortex Turbulator: http://www.monolithic.com/stories/the-vortex-turbulator-a-breakthrough-i...
The principle is the same, but now the process is affordable.

We salute Viktor Schauberger. To us, he is the father of the Vortex Turbulator, and we encourage everyone to read about this fascinating pioneer. Many books are readily available on Amazon. One that we recommend is The Water Wizard: The Extraordinary Properties of Natural Water by Viktor Schauberger and Callum Coats.

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