Nicotine is often considered as interchangeable with tobacco in cigarettes and even in vaping. And that could explain the reason why so many have this question on their lips:

“Does Vaping Have Tobacco?”

Truth be told, NO it doesn’t, and instead, they use vape juice of different flavours to produce dense smoke.

As e-cigs have the word ‘cigarettes’, a lot of preposterous information and misconceptions circulate the market. Some even categorise vaping and all vaping products as tobacco products. But numerous medical practitioners, manufacturers and savvy consumers- alike acknowledge this as a potential alternative to quit smoking aka tobacco consumption.

Digging Deeper About Nicotine:

Being an alkaloid, nicotine categorises as a nitrogenous organic component found in tobacco plant like eggplants, peppers, tomato. Furthermore, they are also prepared synthetically in labs.

As nicotine enters the bloodstream, it takes 8-20 seconds to cross the blood-brain barrier. The broken down nicotine goes down in the liver and absorption depends on the strength, amount of vapour inhaled, the frequency of the vape and the time spend inhaling.

Its common pharmacologic effects include: increase in the heart rate, heart muscle oxygen consumption rate and an increased heart stroke volume. A simple way of explaining this would be that the blood will pump out more blood in one minute. As for its psychological effects, nicotine helps raise awareness, enhanced concentration, and feeling of relaxation and euphoria.

It also causes the dopamine to release in the brain and helps increase beta-endorphins levels scientifically proven to eradicate anxiety and stress.

Even though the last section talks about the perks of nicotine exposure, its adverse effects are severely alarming and frightful.

Vaping Is A Safe Alternative!

One good reason why so many are switching from smoking to vaping is because they can pick juices having low nicotine strength. A lot of quality vape shops in Sydney keep e-juices of different nicotine strength and exotic flavours like Gummy Apple, Mango Cultured Milk, Root Beer, Birthday cake, Blueberry Muffin, Caramel Churros for all types of smokers.

Simply put- the strength of the nicotine is measured either in mg/ml or in %. As a standard measure, most 20 cigarette consumers should opt for 1.8% of nicotine strength as a starting point. But those smoking less cigarettes in a day should go for lesser than this or even juices having zero nicotine presence.

Furthermore, a quality vape store in Sydney will also provide vape juice devoid of harmful VOC’s, cancer-causing chemicals and even potentially threatening component Diacetyl.

Plus Paul, a vape shop owner in Sydney states:

Traditional cigarettes contain over 7000 chemicals- many of which are toxic in nature. And though it is not possible to know all the ingredients in the vape juice, it definitely exposes consumers to less toxic components.”

Final Words:

So, it can be established clearly that vaping is a relatively safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. It allows control over your nicotine exposure without compromising on the smoke quality.

You should sort out a reliable vape store in Sydney Australia and look for vape juices that have less or zero nicotine exposure.

It’s a guarantee that you will love every puff.

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The author runs a vape store in Sydney having all sorts of vaping pens, juices and accessories. With that, the author is also an avid writer who likes to educate the readers on choosing the right products for their smoke from a quality vape store in Sydney, Australia.