Nothing in the world feels better for a rugby player than shooting the ball with 100% perfection. For that the player has to master the drop punt skill and technique. In fact, it is one of the most crucial skills to master to gain credibility as a rugby player. To ensure you are able to master the technique with perfection, you need consistent training. and that too using the best football tee. 

You will find a number of football tees in the market, and not all of them are equally good. Only some are. So you need to do some probing and get the best of the lot. Now the point is, how to pick up the best tee. Let us discuss in the page.

football tees

You need to select the tee on the basis of the following points. 

The size of the tee

As far as the size is concerned, football tees come in two sizes - one inch and two inches. For the professional matches, only 1 inch tees are used and allowed. Thus, for practice and training 1 inch is the recommended size. 

The materials

Football tees are generally made up of highly durable materials, which do not get damaged easily. That’s because, the football tees are supposed to survive a lot of rigours under challenging conditions and hence, face a lot of wear and tear. That’s why a quality football tee is either made up of plastic, metal or rubber. 

Plastic and rubber are used for manufacturing platform and universal football tees, while metal is used for manufacturing holder tees. So when it comes to purchasing a football tee you must decide the type of tee you need. If you are training alone, then you must opt for a holder tee as you do not have anyone to hold the ball for you. You just have to pick up the right size. Remember, if you are getting the tee for your kids who might be training will smaller balls, you will need tees that can hold smaller balls. 

So these are the points you need to consider while looking for football tees so that you get the right one that will suffice your needs.

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