Google announces many changes, coming or effective, because of its browser. New attributes that concern Android and desktops news.

Google has released in a blog article several characteristics which will be added into its Chrome browser soon. Management of tabs Android, replies to questions directly from the search bar, customization... that is exactly what the Mountain View firm tells us about the future of Chrome.

The first important invention is Android customers. Google will provide a brand new interface to handle tabs. The goal: locate and change more easily to some formerly open tab.

This layout choice also includes a choice to set tabs in a folder to increase readability. It'll be possible to set the tabs on the exact same motif in 1 location in order to not clutter the grid. The manipulation Couldn't be easier and more intuitive:

Google also intends a small overhaul of those tabs on pc. Shortly, when you have too many tabs open in precisely the exact same time, Chrome can assist you to locate you by not showing several letters of the name of this webpage but also the thumbnail of the website, more recognizable. Hovering on it (without clicking) will signify which tab it's precisely using the name and complete URL. At length, it will become possible to send a tab of the smartphone to his pc and vice versa to discover it in almost no time on a different gadget. A characteristic which has been set up to your users.

Immediate answers to our queries

Using its search engine, Google makes certain to supply the information sought to this consumer with no requires to try. Along with the company Mountain View goes much further with its own browser containing results right in the search bar. Chances are you already have access to the attribute, it's been available in French for a while.

In the start of a new tab, then clicking at the bottom right of this button Customize provides more options than currently, for example, capability to bring colour to the port. Nonetheless, this is still quite basic, and it's much better to switch to third party alternatives for more complex topics.

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