Feng Shui represents a Chinese pseudoscience that alters the movement of energy in order to create a perfect harmony between individuals and their surrounding environment. More specifically, it helps you eliminate negative energy that might impede domestic happiness and financial prosperity. People who believe in the great impact of Feng Shui on their household can create a calm and peaceful personal living space by getting rid of items that they no longer use or like, organizing every single room, allowing natural light to penetrate the interiors and purifying the air with plants or modern devices, mastering the five Feng Shui elements and defining their energy map. Do you already know what are your lucky directions? If not, then you might want to find out the answer soon, before creating a Feng Shui kitchen. This area is very important because after all, it represents the heart of every home so if you do want to design a harmonious home, then you have to start with the kitchen.


Kitchen is the heart of your household

Just think about it: kitchen represents the only place in the whole house where you can prepare tasty and nutritious foods for the rest of the family, thus giving them the necessary stamina to complete everyday tasks. In fact, some people even choose this specific area for family gathering and social meetings. The importance of the kitchen is undeniable, but how do you achieve a balanced design? If you thought that Feng Shui refers solely to decorating, then you have to reconsider your approach because your kitchen’s layout and direction are crucial factors as well. For instance, according to specialists, certain directions are auspicious and others are ominous. Furthermore, the kitchen cannot face the bathroom door, the back door or the front door because you might suffer financial damage. Since we are talking about layout and most homeowners opt for open spaces nowadays, you should know that this does not represent a good decision for your wealth accumulation. Shortly, avoid to expose cooking appliances or allow the smell enter the living room because it might negatively influence your personal health.

Keep the area organized and the refrigerator full

You probably heard before that kitchen includes the fire element, but also water, which easily turns it into an accident-prone area meaning that you have to ensure plenty of light. Apart from adequate lighting, you should go with a transparent door. Once again, the organization is key when it comes to the science of Feng Shui. Therefore, you should make sure that everything is in perfect order at all times. Do not let cooking tools in chaos because they can lead to germs, which might become a cause of potential diseases in the family. The refrigerator should always be full because it symbolizes your carefree attitude in what concerns food. Moving on to the sink, you should be able to look out the window when washing the dishes in order to enjoy the beautiful outside space and preventing the feeling of boredom resulted from completing such a tedious work. If you want to obtain an overall relaxing environment, then you have to pay close attention to the paint. Obviously, warm colors are the most suitable choice in this case. If you do to want to want to go with the classic white, green represents a good alternative.



Include an island of respite topped with stone

Furthermore, never place your stove under the window because you will lack needed cooking support, but you should avoid placing it between the sink and the refrigerator as well because apparently, it causes sadness and other types of negative emotions. If you already feel confused, feel free to explore Feng Shui Kitchens in Sheffield for inspiration or perfect examples of how a balanced kitchen space should look like. For instance, you will probably notice that almost all such kitchens will include an island of relaxation or respite, almost always placed between different appliances, such as the refrigerator and the stove for a main reason: it represents an essential Feng Shui feature because it prevents arguments between kitchen items. Top the island with stone and you manage to ban bad luck from your household. When it comes to creating harmony in your kitchen, you should know that there are certain things that you must avoid at all costs, besides the placement of the area because we already mentioned it above. On the other hand, there are certain design rules that you must follow. Do not worry because we will tackle below all of them.

Keep the utensils clean and face east when cooking

Starting with the don’ts on your list, if you own a two-story house, then make sure that you do not place the kitchen under the bathroom or the burner in the northwest. Speaking of the burner, it should not be the first thing that you see when entering the area. Even if you feel tired at the end of the day, especially after cooking a savory and healthy meal for the entire family, do not leave the soiled utensils overnight. Since you are the cook in your personal kitchen, you should never have your back towards the door. Apparently, when cooking, you cannot face west or south because the family will face money difficulties. Observing all these rules might prove to be quite challenging so if you think that you cannot handle the project on your own, you should consider asking for professional help. Do not hesitate to explore various Kitchen & Bathroom Suppliers in Sheffield because you will definitely need it throughout the process so we advise you to complete this step early.

As for the do’s, you have to ensure proper ventilation, besides adequate lighting and since you cannot face west or south when cooking, you can direct your attention, literally, towards the east, but do not place massive appliances in east or north. Do not place the gas stove or the refrigerator right next to the wall. Instead, leave a few inches between them. If you benefit from a spacious kitchen, feel free to add a dining table.


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