It is hoped that by now, you are able see the development of how obesity advanced in the western culture, with the advent of the motor vehicle. As I have declared, it is not entirely your fault; because the pattern has been driven by big corporations; for attracting families into seeing their relaxed, convenient and inexpensive style of dining, when driving a motor car, which then offers incentives for children to want to come back again.

The use a car starts the wheels of consumerism into motion, which cannot be stopped unless you forcibly remove the car for getting around. It may actually never stop, because fast food locations dominate railway stations, bus depots and even cycling venues! There are actually very few places, where you will not see fast food outlet stationed.

This is progress in the western culture that is fast developing globally around corporate positioning in their style of fast food dining outlets. These are being replicated in all civilized western countries and still growing in newer, developing western style countries, such as China, where the car is fast developing as a mode of valued transport.

Whichever style of transportation you use to get around, fast food outlets are here to stay and you will have use them; or ignore them, as most of the time I try to do!

The fifth sin or reason for obesity is your ability to manage your time. If this is not possible, then you will be doomed to continually use your car, as the quickest and most convenient way to get around, with the least amount of hassle and organization.

If you are like me that ride a bicycle around Vancouver, your movements are dictated by the distance of getting to your destination. Some of my distances are local, but very rarely positioned, where I can cycle almost as quickly as a car; and I am able to cut through short-cuts and park my bicycle with greater ease.

However longer distances to downtown Vancouver need to be recalculated, according to the distance to cycle and whether I need to change clothing at the destination. I love cycling, because I have exerted energy on the journey and feel centered plus refreshed; for starting a presentation, or participating in a meeting.

If you are employed locally and the children take the bus to school; then you have more freedom in options for getting to work. Again the distance will make the difference, for walking or cycling and the type of weather that you have to endure through the distance.

I try to plan my exit the night before, so all I have to do is get up. EAT BREAKFAST and then be on time to get out at the scheduled time. I cannot guide on organization of children, since I have not got any! But I had elderly parents to take care of and for the most part, they became like children to care for.

In all my employment history as an Occupational Therapist, I needed to use a car to use for work; so I had no choice but to drive and some distances were very far in the UK!

Beating the traffic was my motto, so it meant early morning travelling to work, with early morning wake-ups at 4 or 5.00am and early bed times at 9.00pm. Once I got use to the changes in time adjustments, the travelling never became a problem.

I would wake up at 5.00 am, get dressed, fed the dog her breakfast, whilst I made my cup of coffee and ate my porridge that was warming in the crock pot. The crock pot was on every night with porridge for the family; which both my Mum and Dad ate, as well as myself each day. The dog then had her walk around the block, while I drank my coffee. Then I grabbed all my things for taking to work and finished my coffee on the way to work.

Everything in life that matters, takes organization and planning. If you need to be out by a certain time, then you need to have everything ready the night before; so it is not a mad panic to get everything together on the day. I am sure this planning has to be completed with children the night before. Like any routine, once you get into a habit of planning your exit the night before; everything will fall into place.

The fifth reason or sin for obesity, is not organizing your time sufficiently; so that you can use alternative ways to get around for transportation, than using your car. If you want to plan to do anything on foot or by bicycle, then it has to be planned for; or you will never get out of the house at the right time. Planning early morning quick exits should be planned the night before and if possible have breakfast cooking overnight like porridge in a crock pot. Once the organization becomes routine, it should not be a problem.

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The author Gail McGonigal is a Qualified Occupational Therapist, who is developing a niche market selling comfortable products for baby boomers called Active Living Solutions Ltd. Gail is a baby boomer herself and understands what pains people are going through, from obesity and lack of movement, to poor sitting and posture etc. Gail has an e-book out about where you can learn about ergonomic chairs for back pain. Gail has erased a back deformity by accident through cycling that has erased her scoliosis. Gail has cured the arthritic pain in both hands with osteoarthritis, through drinking alkaline water. She wants to help you with her solutions in ergonomic chairs and her articles about chairs, water and active living to achieve a better quality of life.