It was October of 2012 that I told my music producer and friend, Daniel Barrett, that my desire to make more music was dead. I didn’t feel inspired or connected to the muse. I was happy with the four albums of healing music I had already created, but I didn’t see any more on the horizon.

I felt done.

As we talked, I had a sneaking suspicion that I may be deceiving myself. After all, self sabotage is rampant in virtually each of us and we usually don’t even know we are doing it.

Was I?

Daniel suggested we find a way to ramp up my energy for music. He didn’t know how, but he felt there was a solution.
“I know how,” I told him.

I did, too.

I knew a way to jump start the muse, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it.

He asked me to explain.

I took a deep breath and said, “I can set the intention to record five new songs by Christmas.”

Christmas was only two months away. It would be a miracle to write and record five new songs by then – especially starting from zero – and certainly after exhausting myself having just completed my fourth album, The Healing Song.

Daniel didn’t miss a beat.

“Why not go for ten songs?”

That made me gasp. It would be raising the bar even for me. I had already broken records by creating four albums in less than two years. Four miracles were plenty. But I accepted the challenge. We agreed that I would strive to create ten original songs within two months, and together we would record them to create my fifth album.

We both felt the exhilarating energy of having a goal that scared us and yet delighted us.

We both felt expectant, uncertain, open and willing.
But we had no idea how a new album would come out of nothing.

Now here’s where the story gets really interesting…

Remember, I didn’t have any ideas for new songs or any passion for new music. I felt tapped out. Yet the new intention “called forth” more music. The new goal stirred my creative self. Within days I had new songs coming to me. Within weeks I had almost two dozen ideas.

I couldn’t turn off the creative juices!

I would be sitting, reading a book on my iPad, and suddenly a song idea would enter my consciousness. I was smart enough to stop everything and write it down. (Always take action, remember.)

Other times I felt inspired to check out early or vintage rock and roll, what’s called rockabilly music. I simply followed the muse to see what occurred. I loved the searching, exploring and learning. (Always follow inspiration, too.)

Within weeks I had over two dozen pretty good songs. From those, I picked nine that I thought were solid. I left a tenth idea open to inspirational improvisation in the studio.

I felt ready to record album number five!

My band — not really “mine” but they were the same musicians who recorded Strut! and The Healing Song with me — got together again. We went into the studio on December 18th and 19th — right before Christmas, you’ll note — and recorded ten new tracks.

I’m told music doesn’t usually come together this quickly, or easily, or with this much energy and focus. But we got together in the studio and made space for magic to happen around my songs.

The result is my fifth music album, titled Sun Will Rise.
And it feels like another miracle.

When I held the finished audio CD in my hands, and listened to the original music I wrote and performed, brought to life with the musicians who supported me, I started to cry.

To think that this was created out of “thin air” is astonishing. To think that the songs are so good and the music so amazing and the messages so relevant, just makes me stop and stare in awe and gratitude.

I am grateful beyond belief.

It’s yet another miracle.

Miracles are indeed happening all the time.
This story is living proof of it.

And it all begins with an intention.

In case you are curious, here are the stories behind each track on Sun Will Rise:

“You Gotta!” is self-help rock and roll. It’s fun, upbeat, and carries the message that “you gotta” take action. Since I’m a big proponent of action, this song and its message felt like the right lead for the new album. Thanks to “my band” – drummer Joe Vitale, bass player Glenn Fukunaga, lead guitarist Daniel Barrett – this song opens with a “you gotta dance to this” feel. Add saxophone by Greg Williams and this one is irresistibly delicious! You gotta hear it!

“Sun Will Rise” came to me “out of the blue,” as I held a guitar and just started to sing what came into my being. When I first played it for Daniel, he was speechless. He said it had the potential to be a radio hit. My staff says my message to the world is to have faith, that the “sun will rise” again. Your current reality is just that: current. It’ll change. The sun will rise again. This song is your reminder.

The Secret” isn’t based on the movie I was in of the same name. Instead, it was prompted by a haunting song by Leonard Cohen. His song had the hypnotic refrain “Everybody knows…” but his lyrics were negative. His dark song is a great one to commit suicide to. I wanted something hypnotic but with a positive message. I wanted something healing. The result is what I call “The Secret” and you know it will do you good to listen to it.

“Sperichil” is rockabilly music. It’s pure fun. No special message in the lyrics but the voice and the vibe is all about be happy now! The name is simply the early spelling of the word “spiritual.” I surprised myself recording this song as I spontaneously howled like a wolf during parts of it. There is a happy contagiousness to this track that simply makes me smile and feel good. Isn’t that what life is all about? Isn’t that healing music? Be happy now. Smile! Dance! Love!

“Expectations” is a hypnotic intermission where I played a special double-neck guitar, where the top is a regular guitar and the bottom is a baritone guitar. With the professionals behind me on this one, the result is something I could listen to all day long. When I first heard it in the studio, I said, “Call this one Expectations, because it suggests something is about to happen, but you don’t know what.” You are free to expect whatever you want, positive or negative, and this music helps you feel the moment. Talk about healing!

“My Electric Car” is about my relationship to my electric car (which I’ve written about on this blog before). I love this song because of the lyrics and the blues rock music the band came up with. I really believe this one could become a gas guzzler’s anthem. You gotta hear it. There are moments in this track that send shivers of joy up my spine. It’s an example of how music becomes magic. Whew!

“Train of Women” is a rock ballad about a man who faces his fears and falls in love. It’s about one hundred and fifty women, all wearing bikinis, who come to see him. He is at first afraid, asking for everything from a crocodile to a body guard to being taken to Area 51, but by the end he falls in love. The old saying is true, what looks like your demon is really your angel in disguise. This song is fun, fast, funny and more. Call it a Rorschach test song. Whatever you get from it, is what you get from it. It’s a mirror. It’s “Healing Music” at it’s best. Rock on!

“Isaac the Psychic” is my attempt to create a Shel
Silverstein – Johnny Cash “Boy Named Sue” kind of song. I came up with a character, and a story, and a funny chorus, and weaved it into a song. My band — the experts that they are — created a Reggae upbeat rhythm and the whole thing came together. It’s funny and memorable. You’ll smile listening to it. After all, I’m so psychic, I know you’re reading this.

“Super Heroes” came to me after my guitar teacher, Mathew Dixon, taught me a new chord progression. I wrote words to that progression. Since I had just met actor/bodybuilder/Hulk Lou Ferrigno, and actor/Superman Dean Cain, I turned the song into messages from their characters. This is another feel good, relaxing song. It could be the theme to a television show. It’s about you being the new super hero. Don’t wait for a hero. Be one now.

“Ti Amo” was written for my love, Nerissa. I felt the urge to write a love song and thought, what better way to do it than to think of who I love and just write a song for her. I did. I believe anyone can feel the love in this one. Nerissa says she does. Love heals.

All of the above is a reminder that miracles are possible for all of us.

Yes, even you.

I created this fifth album of healing songs by declaring an intention. I didn’t have any reason or motivation or evidence that I could write ten new (and good, IMHO) songs in two months. But declaring an intention “called forth” all this music.

You can do this, too.

What do you want to attract?

What do you want to “call forth”?

What miracle would be cool to experience?

Declare it.

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Dr. Joe Vitale is the star of the hit movie, "The Secret." He is also the author of way too many bestselling books to mention here. To name a few: The Attractor Factor, Zero Limits and his latest, Attract Money Now. He's also recorded many Nightingale Conant audio programs, and most recently, "The Abundance Paradigm." He also created a Miracles Coaching program and much more! For more information on Joe Vitale, go to: