The First Family Church in Kansas City is losing its building and all in it to foreclosure. It was once referred to as the fastest growing church in the country. The announcement was made on Sunday 4thSeptember. Rev. Jerry Johnston founded the Overland Park church. Its final service will it held on 11th September.

There are plans to re-launch the church on 18th September at Ola-the East High School under another name – New Day Church Kansas City, informed the board. On the website the elders of the board stated, “In the providence and sovereignty of God, it has become clear that we must take a new direction. And our pastors have total peace”.

Last January foreclosure steps were initiated by Regions Bank in the District Court of Johnson County. The church is said to owe over $14 million due to mortgage and incidental costs. The bank wants the property to be foreclosed if payments remain due. It will be sold to clear the debt. The bank, based in Alabama declined to comment.

The board of elders of the church said that after exhausting all other options with the bank they have reached this decision as there are no other alternatives. The bank will take not only the building but each and every item in it – tables, chairs, sound system, cribs, television – “literally everything”. The church cannot be taken – it will be “relocated”.

The staff will lead the church to a “beautiful location” and re-launch it as New Day Church Kansas City. The church officials did not make any comments. Its office was closed on Sunday.

Officials from the Ola the School Districtt old The Kansas City Star that First Family Church had taken on rent a space on Olathe East, to hold services from 18th September. The church informed the district that there will be attendees ranging from 500 to 800.

Four years previously the church had been proud of its membership touching 4,200 and a yearly budget of $17 million. Thanks to television broadcasting it had become global. But recently the attendees began to dwindle. Many members of the staff had to be releasd from their work and the names of three of the board members erased from the website.

The son-in-law of Johnston, Christian New some (assistant pastor) has also exited to start another church. In Lee Summit it will start its services from 18th September also.

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