If you are looking for the flexibility and freedom, Firstleaf Wine Club is your perfect platform to taste the wines that you want. It is a breaking through wine subscription service in which you can enjoy sampling the award-winning domestic and international wines at affordable prices.

The initial shipment only costs $15 per 3 bottles of wine, with the $4.95 for the shipping. The six wines only cost $79, with the $9.95 shipping. These numbers are the best in the market if you are looking for the top rated wines coming in your doorstep.

What makes it different from the others

The first leaf has done a great job in branding their Wine Club. It focuses on the unique and delicacies with an appealing presentation. They are transparent about wine information. When you see their wines’ description, you will be able to imagine what the wines would taste like. Why not? They even specify the acidity, sweetness, fruitiness, tannin level, as well as the body. You can even discuss the characteristics of the wines that you’d like to taste.

Their dedication to the wine tasting experience

First leaf Wine Club always upholds the quality of service from zero to hero. The company seems to be maximizing everything. We can conclude it by looking at the high-end wine club membership features that we will get once joining as a member. Each shipment has an envelope on top which contains the information about the wines you receive. Inside the box of the wine, you could see the appealing theme printed on it. They make such perfection to the details.

The type of subscription

First leaf Wine Club proclaims to be providing the personalized wine of the month subscription service. But their definition of personalization might confuse you at first. Rather than giving you the freedom to choose your wine, they will select the wines on your behalf. But they don’t blindly accept the wines for you. They will attain information about your preferences first. That is the real definition of their personalized wine subscription service.

So, how do they know your preferences? It starts after signing up. They will send sample-sized wines to you. You will then need to give the ratings to these wines. Based on your scores, they will know it as your selections. All the details of the wines they collect will be compared to your preferences.

First leaf Wine Club offers the top-rated wine from various regions regularly. You will have the opportunities to taste from Burgundy to Bordeaux, even to Piedmont. They get most of the international wines from Spain, Italy, and France.

The quality

How about it? Well, it is an unbiased review. So, we could say that the quality of their wine is more or less the same as the other clubs that offer $15 bottle wine subscriptions. But you won’t be missing the award-winning wines as well. Although it is impossible to get all award-winning bottles at the same shipment, you will surely find at least a bottle of award-winner wine.

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