It was just three years ago that I quit the security of having a wonderful corporate
CEO job, working for one of the few thriving organizations in a dreadful economy.

Many people told me I was nuts. They knew that jobs like mine were few and far

They were right in saying that the unemployment rate was one of the highest our
country had ever seen. They were right in saying that the housing market was in
shambles. They were right in saying that the stock market was a mess. And, they
were right when they said starting your own business was hard.

But what these naysayers did not know was that having a dream, a real dream that
you believe in your heart and soul is stronger than a bunch of statistics! What they
also did not know was that I was determined to be that bull in a bear market!

So here I am three years later to share with you the five biggest lessons that I have
learned. I want to share my mistakes and achievements so that you can finally start
your business this year and learn from my experience.

How It All Got Started

Before we start I want to share something with you. This story is so personal.

I admit, all the credit for Working Moms Only really belongs to a lovely woman I met
5 years ago . . .

You see I was speaking at a conference in Paris. I was talking about marketing,
specifically direct response marketing and multi-channel marketing.

After a standing ovation and fielding a bunch of questions, I was walking back to my
hotel room when a young woman called out my name.

I stopped expecting to answer her marketing question. But with tears in her eyes
she simply asked "How do you do it all?" Those six little words changed my life.

Instead of returning to my room, Clara and I went to lovely café and talked for
hours.I learned that she was a marketing coordinator at a local advertising agency. That
she was smart, hard-working and driven. She had always dreamed of having her
own agency.

But now a short, fat, bald man that she loved with all her heart stood in her way.
That man was her six-month-old son, Evan.

She explained how terribly guilty she was just for telling me her story. That she
resented cutting back on her hours at work because of Evan. She went on to confide
in me that she did not feel like she was doing a good job at the office or at home
and she wanted to know how I could be a CEO, best-selling author, public speaker,
wife and of course, mother of three.

When I returned to my hotel room, some three hours later, I did not take that hot
bath I was planning on. I did not phone my family as I longed to do earlier in the
Instead, I logged on to my computer and went to Go Daddy and bought the URL

Right there in my little hotel room in Paris, I knew that someday I would start and
run the foremost community in the world for working moms. I never wanted any
working mom to feel like Clara.

I wanted all working moms to know that they do not have to choose between their
career dreams and their families. I wanted to let working moms know that in this
day and age we really can have it all.

Waiting For Someday

A few days later I returned home to South Florida and for the next two years, I went
on living my life. Running a 26 million dollar publishing company, speaking, writing
and spending time with my family. But truth be told, Clara was with me everyday.
And I kept saying "someday".

Then the big scare came; the cancer scare that lasted 21 days.

Once I received a clean bill of health, I knew that was my second chance and just
three months later Working Moms Only was born.

And, in the last three years, I've accomplished a lot. But, I've made some dreadful
mistakes, too.

Instead of fueling you with a list of hundreds of my mistakes, I used what I've
learned from these mistakes to narrow down the five best lessons for you to
concentrate on in your business. These lessons are timeless and can and should be
used if you are just starting out in business or if you are a business veteran.

The Five Biggest Do's and Don'ts

• Don't launch your new venture, regardless if it is a new business, a
new product, or a new franchise in the beginning of January: I did
this with Working Moms Only and boy oh boy - it was a big mistake and great
lesson learned. Here's the deal, you are always going to need help. Starting a
new business will be your biggest priority. However, it will not be for those
you are counting on. Many people check out during the major holiday season.
You may be writing your web copy on Christmas Eve. But, I promise you, your
web master will not be available for design issues. A current client who is
very successful in his niche wanted to launch a brand new franchise in his
company at the beginning of this year. One that requires the content of
specialist in an entirely different niche. When he soon realized folks were
checking out from work for the rest of the year as early as Thanksgiving, he
quickly changed the launch date to mid-February.

• No Bartering: So before getting your business off the ground money may be
tight. So you think, I can barter services. If I write copy for someone, maybe
they in exchange will build my website. In theory this sounds great. But
here's the hard cold truth. The copy you may offer in exchange may not be
needed as badly as you need the website. And suddenly the web person gets
a great paying project. Where do you think your site that he is not actually
making money on stands? Pay for services. This is the only way to make all
your deadlines and have your important tasks completed professionally.

• All Opportunities Are Not Created Equally: Once you are up and running
opportunities for all different types of deals will arise. Don't get derailed.
Make sure you understand what any deal is worth to you on a long and
short-term basis.

• Vet Partners Carefully: Only work with people who have the same moral
fiber as you do. Often the money can be tempting, but if your morals and
values are so far apart, the relationship will come to an end. Before entering
into any relationship do your research. Go on line and read about the
potential partner. Ask around your industry and listen to those you trust.

• Keep Your Advocacy Shinning: Remember you started your business
because there was a certain market you wanted to serve. Just because otherswho do not fit your ideal demographics joined your community does not
mean you shift gears. For example, I have men write to me each week. They
tell me how much my advice has changed their lives. And inevitably they ask
me to change the name of my site because he is obviously not a working
mom. My response is always the same. I tell them they are more than
welcome in our community. That I am happy my advice helped them.
However, my advocacy is for Working Moms. And that is the person I am
thinking about every time I write an issue or add a new audio diary or book
recommendation to our success club. That is the person that inspired me to
start Working Moms Only. So instead of watering down your message, you
can always start a new franchise to serve others.

So this year there is no starting over every Monday. Instead let's make every
Monday a building block. That is the only way to improve your life. I have shared
with you actionable advice you need to apply every day.

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MaryEllen Tribby is the Founder and CEO of and Her mission is to supply the tools that can give EVERY working mom the ability to lead a healthy, wealthy, and more balanced/blended lifestyle. She is a highly sought-after business consultant, speaker, and author. Her first book - which she co-authored with Michael Masterson, is Changing the Channel: 12 Easy Ways to Make Millions For Your Business ( Her second book, Reinventing the Entrepreneur: Turning Your Dream Business into a Reality ( hit #1 on Amazon in the Marketing Category and #9 in the Entrepreneurship Category only hours after its release. Join her on the magnificent journey to lead the life you have always dreamed of, the life you and your family deserve. Sign up for a FREE subscription at