The thing about telemarketers is that there is always a need to get more business coming in. No, not just business, it is more along the lines of being led to the right direction. This calls for the skills of its business owners. These are the people responsible in making the right decisions. Of course, when it comes to decisions, it will all depend on the personality of the person doing it. In the world of telemarketing services, there are different kinds of people who make the decision. How they act, they behave, indeed, how the see things will affect the way the company will turn out.

If there is a need for innovators in telemarketing services, then you will need to know just who these people are. Brenna Sniderman from shares five such descriptions.

1.Movers and shakers – normally speaking, these are the leaders who stand at the front lines, leading their teams towards some business goal or project. Normally, these are the most vocal in the organization, ready always ready for action. They can be perceived as arrogant and constantly pushing their team towards the goal.

2.Experimenters – these are the people who are most receptive in experimenting, exploring new concepts and ideas that may actually be good for their business. When placed in the context of telemarketers, these are the people who are open to new techniques and processes. These are the people who are most receptive to new business ideas that may be able to help a company improve their business campaigns.

3.Star pupils – these are the people who are the most adept in getting a company going. They know what to look for, the people needed to do the job, as well as identifying new business opportunities. These are the innovators who know how to build a company brand, and are able to rise up against the challenges set against them.

4.Controllers – these people stand at the other end of the spectrum. They are very uncomfortable with changes, and would love to reduce risks to their business. Usually, these people are more focused on concrete goals, never wasting a moments worth on conjectures and theories. These people are more interested in reality.

5.Hangers-on – this is the last type of innovator, and the kind that many people find hard to take. Compare them to the vegetable side dish of a steak. A lot may not like it, but they need to eat it. It is the same idea with this kind of person. Usually, these people are more concerned with the numbers, constantly reminding the other players that there are goals to be met, and budgets to be closely monitored. When placed in a contact center environment, these are the people who constantly monitor their telemarketers’ performance.

Still, you cannot say that an organization should have only one kind of innovator. Given the description for each one, you will realize that a combination of these leaders can help telemarketing firms become more capable of serving their markets.

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