Every year, the color trends in interior design changes. Aside from that, the types and designs of home embellishment change as well. If you’re thinking that the high- tech world will take over the world of interior design, you’re definitely wrong. As a matter of fact, this year has been the best time for old- school interior design, furniture styles, and retro- inspired home embellishments. When it comes to upgrading the house, it is very important to be wise in incorporating the current trends with the classic pieces. If you want to redecorate your house to improve its overall look or you are planning to sell and list a property for free, the following tips and tricks can help you to get out of home décor rut.
• Comfortable sectional couch
The comfortable sectional couch has been a big trend back in the year 1987. But, this year, it’s making a great comeback. Why shouldn’t it be? The living room has to be more relaxed and provide maximum comfort for all the members of the family. That’s why the comfortable sectional couch is the perfect piece for the living room. The sectional couch brings warmth and softness to a modern space. It helps in balancing the sleek and edgy look of the metallic and modern apartment.
• Statement light fixture
The lights brighten up the whole house. In this year’s interior design trend, the lightings are the star and center of the house. The statement light fixture not only brightens the surroundings but also serve as the primary embellishment. In addition, the statement light fixture looks like a sculpture that cast lovely light and shadow patterns all over the area.
• Pale Driftwood Finishes
In the past few years, the biggest trends include sleek and metallic furniture. However, this year, wood and faux wood furniture are the most popular. The combination of sleek and metallic furniture plus the wood and faux wood furniture results to a brilliant combination of modern meets nature- kind of design. This year, you can purchase such kind of furniture almost anywhere. If you want to incorporate this kind of design trends, opt for a coffee table or bedside table for a quick fix.
• Decorate with books
Nowadays, books aren’t just for the bookshelves in the library. As a matter of fact, you can already use numerous books to decorate your space or area. If you are surrounded with hundreds of books, you will feel more relax and calm. It also helps in easing stress and anxiety. However, if you’re not a book lover, you can use old books and book pages to decorate the walls or make your own paper decorations.
• Black Window Sashes
This year, the colors beige and white were not as popular as before. The classic color that reins this year’s interior design trends is gray and black. Drawing and painting a dark line in the window sashes makes it look gorgeous and classic. Of course, nothing beats the beauty of black when properly used in interior design.

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