Summer vacations are great for children, and they get almost two months with no school and no pressure. But within a week of the vacations starting, children become restless and fidgety. That is why it is a good idea to enroll them for summer camps during these breaks. These not only give them a great way to spend their time but usually also give them some new skills. You might take your children to the Best Resorts in Gurgaon, but that would only be a one-day outing. A summer camp, on the other hand, would keep them gainfully engaged for several weeks. Let us take a look at five different types of summer camps.

Art: These camps encourage the artistic side of the children who enroll there. These are places where certain artistic talents of children can be developed through focussed activities. They can take up arts like dance, music, theatre, painting or music, and see which ones they like. That can give them an idea of which arts they would want to take up seriously later. Even if the children are not thinking of art as a career, the two months spent pursuing some or all of these disciplines can at least develop a deeper appreciation of the arts.

Academic: As children grow up, you might want to enroll them for a vacation camp where they can brush up their academics. Although this does not sound like a very interesting way to spend two months of vacations, yet for some of the higher classes, it might actually be necessary for the children. Depending on the class the child is in, there could be basic classes as well as more advanced subjects.

Family: The above camps are usually designed for children, but some camps are designed for adults as well. This gives the whole family an opportunity to spend a great time together. Most such family camps have a wide range of activities so that there is something for every family member to enjoy. But there are also specific family camps for art or music or adventure, which is good if all members of the family have similar tastes.

Sports: These are the camps which are the most favorite of all children. Many of these camps provide specialized training for the particular sports that they are designed for. Even if there are no professional coaches or teachers at such camps, they do offer children the chance to spend time with other kids who also love the sport. General sports camps offer a larger canvas of more number of sports which children can enjoy.

Adventure: These camps give children a taste of the outdoors. The good thing about these camps is that it not only gives children a lot of physical exercises but also helps them get a taste of teamwork. Depending on the location, you could get a large number of activities in any good Adventure Camp For School Kids in Gurgaon, Manesar. The children would usually be started off on simple backpacking across slightly difficult terrain, after which they would go on to more difficult rock climbing exercises. Many camps have activities like cycling, fishing, and canoeing.

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