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Discovering the transformation that can be achieved in life through the subliminal mind is one of the most powerful things you can ever learn in life. This gives us the power to induce any change in our psychological makeup, considering the influence that the subconscious has on who we are.

The potential of subliminal suggestions was discovered around fifty years ago, but until now not everyone is able to take advantage of its full power. If it’s your first time to discover the power of the subliminal mind, it is, in essence, the ability to control the mind as a means of controlling one’s actions, decisions, and circumstances. In the useful sense, this power can be harnessed to make various aspects of life more favorable to you.

This may sound obscure at first, but here’s the short and the long of it so you can understand and apply this amazing secret to your life:

1. The subconscious is in control. Have you ever felt strong urges that you can’t seem to control or fight against with all your conscious might? Haven’t you ever wondered where these irresistible urges, which seem to go against our consciousness, come from? They all come from the subconscious or the subliminal mind.

The conscious mind works differently; it filters and chooses what it will absorb. It serves as a defense mechanism for our thoughts. The subliminal mind, on the other hand, is more receptive and sensitive. It can absorb almost anything around us, without our knowledge, and without filtering any of them out. Thus, we may not know it, but several things get planted inside us and may eventually come out to influence our thoughts, actions, and decisions, even without our knowledge or against our conscious will.

2. Controlling the subconscious puts you in full control of your mind and life. If you want to have control over your life and your mind, you need to learn how to gain control over your subconscious. But unlike the conscious mind which we have access to, the subconscious hides deep within. This makes it harder, or even impossible, for us to control it using normal thoughts.

3. The subconscious operates at a different frequency. The mind operates at frequencies, and the subconscious mind operates at a frequency different from that of the conscious mind. That’s why the subconscious will not respond to conscious promptings. You can only communicate with it at the same frequency.

4. Subliminal messages control the subconscious. To communicate with the subliminal mind, you need to use subliminal messages. Subliminal messages are instantly absorbed by the subconscious.

5. You need to control it to prevent it from getting backtracked. It is important to take control of your subliminal mind. Since it is more receptive and does not have the ability to filter influences that get absorbed right in, it is therefore more vulnerable. If you don’t control and train it, it will become an easy prey to outside influences. Thus, you are letting your environment affect your circumstances, instead of take control of them.

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