For as long as food has been used in history, processing of food has been there too. In former times, the food used to be smoked in order to preserve it for a longer time. Food and beverage have been going hand in hand for a long time now. They have a great role to play in the lives of people today due to the modern lifestyle that is carried by everyone these days. People like to explore new things everyday especially when it comes to food and beverage. People look forward to new innovations and products manufactured by the food and beverages industry as this adds as an interesting factor to their lives.

Food industry

Food is an essential part of the lives of human beings as it is a source of survival and living. From the primitive ages to today, humans are highly dependent on food and related products. Food processing industries are going at an increasing rate as they play a vital role in the food and beverage industries. Due to revolution in the process of manufacturing and production of food products, a large number of food and beverage companies have been established. The food industry depends on the population and income of the country along with how much revenue is being reserved for food and beverages. The food and beverage companies earn through selling their products and ingredients to a chain of customers starting from supermarkets to restaurants and local customers. The processes being carried out in the food industry are divided into several steps. In the regulation step, the company ensures that all the food items are being manufactured under the rules and regulations imposed by the government on food items. The regulation step involves the insurance that no unauthorized or banned ingredient is being used in the manufacture of food. The Research and Development Department of the food industry works towards the progress of the company. Whenever a particular research is successful and the food product stands out in the market, the company successfully launches that new food product that sells well hence providing profit to the company. The food is made after in undergoes the process of harvesting and processing. The marketing department promotes the product and finally the food product is ready for consumption.

Globally popular food industries 

Food and beverage industries are found all across the world in different countries. Due to increasing demand and supply of food and beverages, the companies have developed rapidly and lead to the growth of some globally recognized food companies.

Nestle Food Industry

Nestle is known as one of the largest and successful food companies in the world due to its large revenue. In 1905, Nestle was formed. It is among the food and beverage company that have established and selling their products all across the world. It is originally based in Switzerland. Among the many popular products of Nestle, Nescafe is taking the lead followed by Milo, Ovaltine etc. The main reason for Nestle gaining popularity is that it produces many kinds of products in the food and beverages industry. Due to high quality maintenance and people’s trust, it continues to grow as a leading food and beverage company. 

In South America, Inca Cola was introduced which is a popular soft drink in the food and beverage industry. It is owned by the manufacturer of Coke, which is a top-ranking food and beverage company, outside Peru where it is made.

Globally popular beverages industries 

Pepsi beverage industry

Everyone knows of Pepsi as it is a really carbonated soft drink. Pepsi was established in 1893, way before Coca Cola was found. It initially released its popular product Pepsi with the name of Pepsi Cola which was later renamed to Pepsi only. It is considered a strong rival of the Coca Cola beverage industry due to the competency among the companies. In some of the countries across the world Pepsi has successfully left Coca Cola behind in the sale of products. Besides Pepsi, other popular beverages manufactured under the company include Mountain Dew and 7 Up.

Lipton Beverage Company

Other than soft drinks, tea is a widely loved beverage by many people. Lipton was introduced in the United Kingdom as a supermarket chain but was later bought by another company. It is solely working on the manufacturing of tea and is running successfully. Tea is a popular beverage among people who avoid carbonated drinks and prefer tea as an alternative drink for refreshment. Lipton continues to be a major name in the food and beverage company due to its quality and taste that is well liked by many. 

Coca Cola beverage industry 

Coca Cola is one of the largest foods and beverage industry across the world. Coke is originally a product made in Georgia of Coca Cola company. Coca Cola company was founded in 1944 in the US. In the food and beverage industry, Coke is one of the most popular soft drinks globally. According to a rating in 2011, Coca Cola was ranked as the most valuable bank. This beverage company has introduced several soft drinks under the brand name of Coke like Diet Coke, Coke Vanilla etc. Besides the high criticism due to the number of calories in Coke which is claimed to be 140 in a 335 ml can, Coca Cola still continues to rule successfully in the food and beverages industries. Besides Coke, Sprite is another popular beverage produced by Coca Cola. 

Top trend in the food and beverage industry 

Food safety and quality care

People are now being more aware of the food quality as it has great association with their health and therefore everyone has their concerns. Due to increasing demand by customers to know what they are eating; the food and beverages industries have to spend a huge part of the revenue on the costing of food safety issues and meeting the demand of consumers. For every food and beverage industry, it is important to maintain the quality as if the food safety rules are not followed, it can lead to banning and shut down of the company. People demand the products to have complete transparency so that they what they are consuming. Until now, it was rare that someone would pick up a product and have a look at the ingredients. But due to increasing awareness and health concerns, people have started to keep a check on the product’s break down of ingredients.

Change in choice of consumers

The food preferences of people have somehow remained unchanged as people still crave for new and exotic flavors, healthy snacks. However, now people are also trying to look out for food items that can help them in staying healthier, keep them physically fit and work as a fuel for their brains. The supermarkets and grocery stores are flooded with products by food and beverage industries that claim to provide high benefits to the customers. Some of the people also want the products to be manufactured under a process that is environmentally friendly hence the food they are eating is not affecting their surroundings. Due to advanced technology and quick acess to all information, people are more likely to check the ingredients that the product contain and if they find it unhealthy, they are more likely to leave it behind.

Research and innovation

With different researches being carried out all the time, the food and beverage industries face strong competition from fellow companies due to the release of new products that is likely attract a larger audience then their own company. The large food and beverage companies are using the latest technologies for food processing, harvesting and other steps involved in the manufacture of products. This is to ensure that their products are manufactured with the best quality and under suitable conditions.

The food and beverage industries continue to grow due to the increasing human population and increasing demand of food supplies. It continues to rule as the most desired industry among the modern people. People always seek new and innovated food and beverage in the market to explore new tastes and flavors. This is why the food and beverage industries are always working on launching new products that would be liked by many people. The food and beverage industry have been a great initiative and are an important contribution to the live of many modern people.

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